Emily Ratajkowski has come out to reveal Robin Thicke did something inappropriate to her while they were shooting the music video of the hit “Blurred Lines.”

The 30-year-old model alleges that the singer groped her bare breasts on the set of the music video, where she and two other models appeared nearly naked alongside Robin as with Pharrell Williams and T.I.

She detailed the matter in her book “My Body,” set for release November.

“Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt the coolness and foreignness of a stranger’s hands cupping my bare breasts from behind,” she writes. “I instinctively moved away, looking back at Robin Thicke.

“He smiled a goofy grin and stumbled backward, his eyes concealed behind his sunglasses. My head turned to the darkness beyond the set. (The director, Diane Martel’s) voice cracked as she yelled out to me, “Are you OK?”

“I pushed my chin forward and shrugged, avoiding eye contact, feeling the heat of humiliation pump through my body. I didn’t react — not really, not like I should have.”

Emily says she didn’t dwell on the alleged incident until Robin blocked her on Instagram.

“With that one gesture, Robin Thicke had reminded everyone on set that we women weren’t actually in charge,” she says of her experience. “I didn’t have any real power as the naked girl dancing around in his music video. I was nothing more than the hired mannequin.”

Robin is yet to respond to the allegations.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/10/04/emily-ratajkowski-claims-robin-thicke-groped-her-breasts-on-blurred-lines-set/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=emily-ratajkowski-claims-robin-thicke-groped-her-breasts-on-blurred-lines-set)