Electropop singer and now an independent artist Lesha is in ecstatic mood. She’s totally over the moon with a lot of good things ‘ career-wise’ happening her way. Call her unstoppable, but Lesha won’t take a break hereon.

Fresh from her recent appearances as a performer on two awesome events such as the YouTube FanFest 2021 and TikTok’s Music Festival #HouseParty, this girl with a global sound is set to break grounds once again with the release of her second single dubbed ‘KARMA’. It’s coming online sooner than you think.

‘KARMA’ is the second single of Lesha’s upcoming global collaboration visual album titled ‘SUN MOON RISING’ set to drop early next year. In “KARMA”, Lesha speaks her truth of having to deal with people in the past for only seeing her value when they are able to take advantage of her. She expresses how her experiences and learnings
molded her into the artist and person she is today, which serves as her motivation to continue working smarter and harder because she believes that success is her best revenge.

The excitement on the coming of KARMA grew louder as soon as Lesha uploaded a teaser on her next single. The clamor from her followers even grew bigger when she showed some short video snippets of her upcoming song through her social media accounts (Instagram and Tiktok). Then a little earlier than its scheduled release, Lesha
and her team decided to drop the music video in advance and now has garnered
numerous views and comments.

“Ever since I performed Karma at my YouTube FanFest show this year, people have been messaging me to drop the song already cause they loved it so much! I randomly decided to sing Karma for a TikTok video, and it gained so much traction and views. In the comments, everyone was asking me to drop the song already, it was overwhelming!
Since the music video was ready to go live anyway, I decided to drop it a week earlier than the actual release date,” she excitedly revealed.

Lesha also shared her thought process in creating the single KARMA, “I’ve always wanted to write a song that shared my struggles in the music industry and how I get treated differently because I’m a one-woman team when it comes to music production, filming my music videos, and basically putting my music out there & everything else. I’ve had so many people take advantage of me in the past, so this song is literally my anthem. On lighter note – songwriting wise, I made sure to make this song is relatable to whatever situation a person is going through in life and I feel like I’ve hit a jackpot with KARMA.”

Just like her previous track SUN, MOON, RISING, Lesha is proud of doing things independently and collaborating with musician friends from all over the globe. Lesha produced and recorded her demo for KARMA in her own bedroom and immediately sent it to the collaborator/co-producer from South Korea, REBENN, and he took the lead
from there. Another friend Nephibis, a rapper from Baltimore USA, who Lesha previously collaborated with on a track for the Netflix Film: Project Power and was also cool to jump in for a verse. So the whole song made it in full circle.

Lesha also added, “During the premiere of the music video on YouTube, I could see everyone commenting in the chat about how far I’ve come as an artist and how my music really deserves to be recognized globally. It was really touching to hear that my fans believe in me and my artistry so much. One even said he was crying all throughout the video cause he was just so amazed at my growth being a long-time fan, such a sweetheart!”

There are more things to look forward to, Lesha is gearing up for bigger challenges coming right at her. The girl is fearless as she defies the norm. Manifesting her life mantras—to pursue your passion, do hard work, put all your heart into it and attract all positivity. So watch out for her next big career steps!

“I can say KARMA is a very “Lesha” song in a sense that people can tell because of the messaging, the visual aesthetic, and the overall vibe of the track, which is the complete opposite to my first release, SUN MOON RISING. This is something people should expect from the next releases on the album because each release has its own flavor or side people haven’t seen or heard from Lesha yet.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/10/11/lesha-is-fearless-and-fierce-with-her-new-single-karma/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=lesha-is-fearless-and-fierce-with-her-new-single-karma)