Justus Bennetts

Maybe it’s just us, but we think you’re about to have a good day. That’s because Justus Bennetts, the relatable and rapidly rising artist is releasing his newest single, “Bad Day.” Sound teases for the track have already gone viral, amassing over 20 million views across social media platforms, with 9500+ organic videos created around it. 

“For this song we just wanted it to be about anyone that had ever done us wrong,” shares Bennetts. “Whether it be someone we had an altercation within the elevator or the ex that did us dirty, this song is meant to represent anyone the listener puts in that space. I wanted to cultivate a whole listening experience that invites the listeners into what we have created.”

Though music runs in Bennetts’ family, being a full-time artist wasn’t always in the cards. He began by rapping with friends, working as a car salesman to pay the bills. Bennetts had high hopes, though, and built a music studio in the laundry room of the house he shared with two other people. 

Eventually, Bennetts linked up with a manager who brought him to New York to record some songs. One of those songs was ““Nightstand,” which debuted on TikTok and quickly garnered some two million views. The song was also highlighted on New Music sections on Spotify. Bennetts’ next single “Real Life Sux” debuted with even more social media buzz before hitting the satellite airwaves on Alt Nation and soaring to #8 on the US Viral Charts. Bennetts continued his streak of hits with “Insomniac,” which he released last month and was quickly added to 13 radio stations; the number 3 most added to alternative in mediabase last week. Ones to Watch called it “a song you can jam out to alone or with friends, especially when you’re feeling angsty.” They added, “You’ll be singing the melodic chorus over and over again, and the electric guitar and drum beat will run right through you.”

Now that he has found his sound – not to mention the success he’s always dreamed of –  Bennetts says he wants to be performing shows in the Raleigh area, where he currently resides. “If I could pick someone to tour with,” he shares, “it’d be Post Malone, Dominic Fike, or Linkin Park.” 

In the meantime, look out for Bennetts’ forthcoming debut EP in the coming months. “Bad Day” is available on all DSPs now. 

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/10/12/masterful-pop-rock-with-viral-track-bad-day/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=masterful-pop-rock-with-viral-track-bad-day)