Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Asia’s undisputed Songbird, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is living a fulfilled life – both in her personal and professional life as a singer-actress, and product endorser.

 “What I have become has surpassed even my expectations,” shared the Kapamilya singer from a previous interview with this writer. “I’ve never expected that I would last this long, that I would continue singing up to this day. I’ve no regrets at all. My career has been running smoothly. And If I decide to retire, my songs will always be there – my legacy to my fans and supporters. But I’m not ready to slow down yet. I’ll continue to test the waters.”

Having established a name for herself in the business, Regine has been consistently credited for inspiring a generation of Filipino singers. She is admired for her vocal range, agility, and use of the belting technique.

Regine’s climb to the top

Regine – then known as Chona Velasquez – started singing in a small music lounge along West Avenue in Quezon City; the stint earned her a modest income.

Her climb to the top started when she auditioned for Ronnie Henares, then scouting for new talents for then Penthouse Live. The same night she was heard for an audition. Ronnie offered her a management contract that lasted for several years.

Believing in her rare talent, she was guided through the steps to becoming a celebrity, first by transforming the provincial, old-fashioned Chona into a more avant-garde Regine. The name Regine was from her real name, Regina Encarnacion. Her late father, Mang Gerry named her after his mother. 

From then on, Regine has become a talent to contend within the local showbiz circle. What made her successful was her insatiable thirst for improvement and dedication to her craft. She was a good student, she watched other singers, and learned from them.

Regine gained recognition by winning both the 1984 Ang Bagong Kampeon and the 1989 Asia-Pacific Song Contest, representing the Philippines in the latter. Regine rose to fame with the release of “Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang” from her self-titled debut album in 1987.

One of her memorable albums was R2K (1999) when she was given full conceptual and creative control as the executive producer of the album. She was happy and grateful that she was able to showcase her musicality and creativity in this album. All her hardwork paid off in the end when it became the best-selling album by a female artist in the Philippines and the best-selling album by a local artist in 1999 and 2000. And the rest is history.

Plain and simple Regine

When at home, Regine describes herself as “plain and simple.”  “It’s just that I’m in the business that makes Regine different. But I’m still the same Regine from Bulacan,” she related.

Regine appears amenable to receiving a piece of advice or two regarding clothes but as far as makeup is concerned she does it all by herself. She does her own makeup and maintains a traditional ritual in keeping her skin smooth and flawless.  She applies lana (an oil extract from a young coconut) during weekends. And if you think she frequents the salon to maintain her look, you’re in for a surprise, because she does all her beauty regimen at home. “I prefer doing it at home so I’ll be more comfortable and not to be obligated to dress up.” This way, she said she’s free from the prying eyes of the people.

Interestingly, Regine has three things she couldn’t do without. First, she couldn’t leave the house without a bottle of cologne inside her bag.  “I feel uneasy when I don’t smell good. I just want to smell good all the time. Next, I don’t go out without an eyebrow,” she laughed. “Ever since, I don’t haveeyebrows. So, I might be mistaken for aliens when I come out without an eyebrow. Third, in all my trips abroad, I will not go home to the Philippines without buying shoes. I’m like SM. It’s my fetish to have new shoes.”

When she’s performing, she doesn’t have a regimen. “When I go up on stage, I make it a point to give my best,” she shared.

She intends to be in the entertainment industry as long as there are people who still buy her album and who want to hear her sing. “As long as someone wants to see me and hear me sing. But I’m ready to accept everything when that time comes. Because there’s no such thing as forever,” Regine ended. (RUBY ASOY)


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