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Looking back, actress-comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto credits the stature she has gained to her professionalism. “When I work, I really work,” said the actress from a past interview. “What’s important is that you like what you’re doing, you’re not forced to do it and you have peace of mind.”

When she entered show business, she proudly admitted that her curvaceous body was her best asset. She was thankful that she didn’t have to put extra effort to maintain her figure. Her beauty secret is a good eight hours of sleep. Up to now, she attributes her flawless complexion to her Chinese-Spanish blood.

Destined to be in showbiz

Her entry into showbiz was accidental. “I was studying then and was an honor student at St. Vincent. When I reached the fourth year, I began cutting my classes,” Rufa Mae recalled. “I didn’t know what to do because my grandma (she was raised by her grandma named Luisa Pena) would be mad at me.”

She thought of an excuse to appease her grandma’s anger. She auditioned for That’s Entertainment, then the popular entertainment variety show. “Luckily, I got in the show. I would like to believe that I was destined to be in showbiz,” recalled Rufa Mae, who was only 17 then. After three years, she signed a contract with Viva. Her first movie was Indecent Professor with fellow stars Glydel Mercado, Amanda Page, and Michelle Parton. Then she did supporting roles until she became the main star.

Controversial romance

In the past, she became controversial after a failed romance with a singer-politician who ditched her for another singer/actress. She appeared to be the “bad girl,” a case of bad publicity for herself, when she cried a river on national television admitting being the jilted party in a love triangle.

In hindsight, she thinks she could also be blamed for the failure of her past relationship. They were an item for one-and-a-half years. “I didn’t know that my feelings for him had become intense. I felt too confident and relaxed with our relationship. I felt really hurt when that thing happened. Parang naapi ang pagkababae ko, sobrang sama naman nila. When I said this on TV that was how I felt at that time. I was just being honest. I wasn’t there to grab attention from people because I’m not a dramatic actress,” she related. Now she has no more grudges against them. “Wala na, kahit magkita-kita pa kami,” she admitted.

Rufa Mae is one person who knows how to share her blessings with her loved ones. “Gusto ko masaya kaming lahat, hindi lang ako. I’m happy that I’m able to help them,” she shared.

She was only one year old when her parents separated. Her father Alexander has Filipino-Chinese blood; her mother Fe Ann is a Spanish mestiza. In person, Rufa is kind-hearted, but she has no qualms about speaking her mind when provoked.

Rufa Mae is presently based in California with Filipino-American husband Trevor Magallanes. She’s now married and a mom to her first daughter, Athena Magallanes. Finally, Rufa Mae has found her true happiness. (Ruby Ansoy)

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