Clockswise: LITZ, Gwy Saludes, and Shanne Dandan

As Pinoy pop boy bands ALAMAT, SB19 and others jockey for position as the number one P-pop group in the land, the girl-group side of modern day OPM is practically wide open. Given that a few groups are already in the scene (and have come and gone), currently, nobody can really lay claim as the top girl group.

Enter LITZ, the “glitzy and fierce new pop group that Viva has just unveiled.” The group is a five-member sing and dance unit that includes Heart Ryan Evangelista (19), Ashtine Olviga (22), Bianca Santos (20), Fatima Añonuevo (20) and Yumi Garcia (18). LITZ, or ‘life in the sunshine (with a stylized ‘z’), recently released their debut single titled “Natataranta.”

LITZ’s debut single, OPM listeners would know, is a cover of a popular James Reid song written by Thyro Alfaro and Jumbo De Belen. LITZ, as befits their profile, turned the track into an “electropop-tinged song of female empowerment.”

LITZ have already been training all these past months under the direction of choreographer-artist Georcelle Dapat-Sy and only recently made its debut. As seen on the accompanying music video for “Natataranta,” the young ladies of LITZ are trained very well by Teacher Georcelle’s G-Force. According to TG, the girls have been hand-picked for their talents and of course, looks. And yeah, LITZ is hot! And coupled with the tight choreography and fierce fashion style, the group aces the part of looking like, and emanating that girl group vibe. And it’s that exactly that is what they have over other all-female pop groups, and their ace-in-the-hole is their own Teacher Georcelle who can definitely deliver for them as far as style and performance go. I mean, if TG can do for LITZ what she did for Sarah Geronimo in “Tala,” then we probably have a hit pop group in LITZ.

Stylish and distinct, singer Shanne Dandan has just released another single to follow up her excellent retro pop tinged single “Hanggang Sa Langit.” Her new release is a cover of Arthur Nery’s current hit “Pagsamo.” Now why cover a current hit you may ask? That’s actually a well-worn record label move wherein another artist will cover a current hit to make it last longer. It opens up the hit to another set of listeners you see. But for Shanne Dandan, it’s a case of a really good singer (Shanne) singing a very good tune by another hellla good vocalist in Arthur Nery. And the song “Pagsamo” lends itself well to Shanne’s style and voice. The song turns into a melancholy ballad that also has a slight edge. Credit Shanne for her effervescent singing on this one. Arthur Nery would definitely approve of this.

“The Golden Scenery of Tomorrow Album” is the brainchild of Gwy Saludes, Marc Alfaro, Gilyan Saludes, Gabo Gatdula and Martin Riggs. What these singer-songwriters came up with is a musical-play concept album for the hugot generation that ranges from pop, ballads and singer-songwriter tunes.

Through songs “Ginintuang Tanawin” by Marc Alfaro feat Gwy Saludes, “My Favorite Movie” by Gilyan Saludes and “Ako at Ikaw, DiBa?” by Martin Riggs, the listener is taken away on the blossoming love story between imaginary protagonists Via and Arkin.

And we see it’s progression as we get deeper into it with Gabo Gatdula’s “Sa Pag-ikot ng Araw” and piano-decked ballad “Kahel Na Langit” by Gwy Saludes. Main track “Ikaw Ang Musika,” a modern sounding off-center leaning pop song, sees the highlight of this mini musical novella. While the “Ikaw Ang Musika” is a definite highlight, this album should be absorbed in its entirety.

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