Gwy Saludes

Gwy Saludes’ Wattpad hit-novel Golden Scenery of Tomorrow releases their official soundtrack album on Nov. 8, under OC Records.

The soundtrack album retells and follows Saludes’ novel’s narrative, structured in a chronological order drawing from the actual story structure of Golden Scenery of Tomorrow. The release of each track is “in line with the happenings in the story,” says Gwy Saludes.

The 8-track record consists of previously released songs — Ginintuang Tanawin by Marc Alfaro feat. Gwy Saludes; My Favorite Movie by Gilyan Saludes; Ako at Ikaw, Diba? by Martin Riggs; Sa Pag-Ikot Ng Araw by Gabo Gatdula; newest additions to the record, Kahel Na Langit by Gwy Saludes; and Ikaw Ang Musika by Gwy Saludes and Marc Alfaro. The soundtrack also features a special prologue and epilogue by Gwy Saludes and Marc Alfaro, which completes the arrangement of this record.

With various artists exhibiting different musical styles and creative pieces, each track fits the ensemble of both the story of the novel and the album — giving out a harmonious, in-depth, and dynamic approach to the overall story and sound of Golden Scenery of Tomorrow.

While each track presents a distinctive contribution to the flourishing story of the novel, Ikaw Ang Musika and Ginintuang Tanawin capture the lead characters’ journey throughout the story, and “the overall experience per track signifies to that of the readers’ emotions as chapters in the story were gradually released,” shares Marc Alfaro.

The author of Golden Scenery of Tomorrow, Gwy Saludes, remained at the forefront of the creative production of this record. “I was really hands-on because they needed to really match the message of the characters I wrote, especially the scene, and how it would be executed,” Gwy states.

For Martin Riggs, who spearheaded the music production of the soundtrack album, this record was creatively designed to match the novel’s story and the timing of releases for each track.

As the Golden Scenery of Tomorrow novel concluded its story, this album serves as an instrument for the fans to relive the experience and journey of the novel and its characters.

“I hope this will bring them comfort just like how Golden Scenery of Tomorrow did,” Gwy shares.

Golden Scenery of Tomorrow Album has opened doors for promising musicians to share their artistic talent to many, and among remarkable artists who pitched in the creative production of this album include Cean Jr., Bryan Matias, Hazel Pascua, and Kean Cipriano.

The album soundtrack of Golden Scenery of Tomorrow is now available for streaming on all leading digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. A short film/music video written by Gwy Saludes will be out soon. (Denise Simone)

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