JaninexJuanKarlos – ‘Pagod Na Ako’

” Pagod Na Ako”(Am Tired) might as well be the anthem of Pandemic 2020-2021. It also happens to be the new single of next generation diva Janine Berdin who first wowed this music-loving country as the grand champion of Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 2 in 2018.

From her humble beginnings as an aspiring child actress and singer, 19-year-old Janine has built a solid portfolio for herself in just a span of three years. She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram and a total of 6 million streams on Spotify, aside from a Most Promising Female Music Artist award safely tucked under her belt.

With the catchy tune ‘Pagod Na Ako,’ young Janine explores new territory as she is not only the singer of the song but also its composer. It is also her first time to collaborate with the equally talented Juan Karlos ‘JK’ Labajo who produced the single.

Janine Berdin, ‘Pagod Na Ako’

Both JK and Janine are almost the same age and both come from Cebu. The idea for a collaboration came from JK who thought of messaging Janine on her Instagram account one day. They were not introduced to each other yet. Janine was beyond ecstatic that the frontman of Juan Karlos band would reach out to her. She secretly looked up to JK, her kababayan, as an artist.

“I asked Janine if she had songs she wrote herself and she simply gave me a folder of the songs she made. I was surprised she had a lot. Then I just told her: you know what….we have to work together. Because I know it’s something I would regret if we don’t,”JK enthused.

“”Pagod Na Ako” has a sad message that everyone who’s suffered through the strict lockdowns can easily relate to. It somehow brings to mind all the stress, hardships and depression most people had to go through in these extraordinary times. But somehow, the bitter meaning of the song lightens up under Janine’s expert vocalization. She’s like a beautiful bird singing through our embattled hearts and her soothing angel voice inspires us to cope better with the situation.

Juan Karlos Labajo, ‘Pagod Na Ako’ producer

Ilang daan pa ba ang kailangan kong tatahakin

Naghihintay lang kung kailan

Pakikinggan ang panalangin

Kasi pagod na ako

Oh pagod na tayo

Asked about the meaning of the song she composed, Janine says: “”Ëveryone of us gets tired. Am reminded of the frustrations I have with myself, with my music…the struggles I had in showbiz. We complain a lot about our experiences , what we have to go through and as a result, we easily give up. What we really need is to acknowledge what we’re going through in order to become better persons.”

The music video of ‘Pagod Na Ako’ is in itself a visual delight, with the lead character (Janine) playing the role of a puppet in a theater going through the motions. Until she decides to break free (cut the strings) and forge her own path.

Janine’s new song and video, now featured in ABS-CBN Star Music Channel on Youtube, hails her as the new gem of OPM. The single has gotten very positive feedback from viewers and fans alike. They praised the song’s solid beat and Janine’s extraordinary talent which remains underrated.

Catch Pagod Na Ako on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and LINE. (Annalyn Jusay)

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