SIDE A white album

Vinyl collectors of classic OPM will love this one.

Vicor Records has just made available the long-playing vinyl reissue of the Side A ‘White” album. And just to make it more special, the label is issuing a special white-colored vinyl version of the popular album instead of the usual black disc.

Side A’s self-titled album was the band’s first under Vicor Music back in the early 90’s. Said record was henceforth known as “the white album.” Side A had already established themselves as a top draw act in the live circuit. But SIDE A cut short the jump between a weekend must-see-band to a legitimate hit group with the songs to show for with the release of this 1991 album.

This white vinyl reissue is the first colored vinyl disc from Vicor since it started reissuing its classic catalog and licensed hit titles in the original vinyl format. This reissued version of the Side A hit record, is made on 180-gram vinyl and is produced abroad. The Side A “white” vinyl reissue also features the classic embossed title font that the original release had.

That and of course the original eight tracks that kept listeners glued to Side A’s brand of soft rock and jazz-inflected pop. From opening track “Hold On” – that eventually became a signature hit for the group – to subsequent fan-fave songs “I Will Always Stay,” and “Only You (There Will Never Be Another)” among others.

The lineup of keyboardist-vocalist Naldy Gonzales, bassist-vocalist Joey Benin, drummer-singer Ernie Severino and lead guitarist-vocalist Kelly Badon and then newly installed singer Joey Generoso hit on a music chemistry that was undeniable whether they were playing live or on record. That’s why even deep album cuts like “Lahat May Pag-asa” shined through. Generoso ditto was exceptional on the Benin-written track “Time To Let Go.” A solid album from start to finish, tracks such as the 80’s stamped sound of “I’ll Be There,” the pop jazz sophistication of “Chances Are” and even the playful, faux-reggae of “Samahan Mo Ako” all had a certain charm.

SIDE A eventually became one of the biggest pop acts of their generation and an even bigger influence for pop bands that followed. And it all started with this album.

The Vicor Records classic album reissue of the Side A white album’s retail price is Php 1,900 and is available through vinyl resellers, Lazada, Shoppee and through Vicor’s socials at

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