Multi-platinum hit-making trio Cheat Codes, popularly known for their smash single “No Promises” (feat. Demi Lovato), are turning out new music at record pace by releasing their third single off of their highly anticipated album Hellraisers, PT 2.

“Hurricane” features Alt Pop favorite Tyson Ritter of All American Rejects. Coming off their Country-Pop crossover single, “Never Love You Again” with Little Big Town and Bryn Christopher, the chart-topping artists are back to showcase yet another dimension of their musical talents with their newest collaboration. “Hurricane” is available now on all digital streaming services.

Cheat Codes

“Hurricane” is a perfect alt pop single that combines rock, and pop influences into one. Co Written by Grey and Tyson Ritter, the song has a new, fresh vibe that will have you listening on repeat while dancing with friends.

“This is the last single we are releasing before Hellraisers Part 2 comes–we knew it would be tough to follow our collabs with Travis Barker and All Time Low but we feel like we raised the bar here. We grew up listening to Tyson and The All-American Rejects so having him on our record is a huge honor and Grey has always set the standard for the highest level of production, so it’s been great to work with those guys.” says Cheat Codes.

“We wrote this song with our good friends in the middle peak of Covid over a Zoom call and to us, it kind of felt like the anthem of our return to normal life. Like just going out and being crazy with our friends again like old times. We were super hyped on working with Cheat Codes and Tyson on this cause first of all Tyson is an absolute legend, and we grew up screaming his songs in the car. And Cheat Codes have been killing it for ages, and we’ve always loved their approach to dance music,” adds Grey.

Tyson Ritter adds, “There’s something about when the right song appears at the right time… in the past when I had written for my band The All-American Rejects, there was always this feeling in the room, or I’d see a ladybug climbing up a window drape telling me to press record and capture what I was writing. Hurricane fell into my inbox like that. When I first listened to the demo, what struck me was the beautifully delivered vocal by Grey, and frankly I heard it and said to myself “can I sing this song?” There were nuances to the vocal that I knew I couldn’t recreate, yet I felt something pulling me, daring me to approach it. I guess that was the lyric, “maybe they’ll name a Hurricane after us”. To me, it was iconic, never before being muttered in song, and that was the allure. Beneath it, a story of a road that was checkered with self-sacrifice, lost ways, and a broken heart kind of reflection. Yet in the chorus there was a harkening back to yesterday’s that we all could find as glory. For me, it tasted like a field party red Dixie cup poured out of the bed of a pickup truck, smelled like CK1, and felt like young love heartache. I cherish those days, and that this song embodied the journey from then to about a year ago for me. It made me compelled to do it. I’ve never sung like this in verses before, and to change, adapt with time to dare myself, was liberating. Grey are incredibly talented songwriters, Cheat Codes are illustrious troubadours in an ever evolving dance music landscape, for me, it was everything right at everything right time to be a part of it. And you never know, maybe they will name a Hurricane after us.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/12/17/cheat-codes-release-new-music-video-for-hurricane-featuring-tyson-ritter-of-the-all-american-rejects-grey/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=cheat-codes-release-new-music-video-for-hurricane-featuring-tyson-ritter-of-the-all-american-rejects-grey)