With Christmas just around the corner, everyone’s in the mood for gift-hunting and merry-making as people anticipate what should be the best news yet of the season, the annual Christmas bonus!

This type of bonus is granted to employees as a form of appreciation and gratitude for services rendered throughout the year.

Seven-member band Aegis, foremost exponent of Pinoy Rock post-Manila Sound, pays tribute to the wonderful practice of bonus-sharing through the hit song, “Christmas Bonus,” which Alpha Music Corporation first released in 2000. The song, which quickly became a hit, was the carrier track in the band’s Christmas album, “Paskung-Pasko.”

The mood of the song is light, hopeful, and humorous. “Christmas Bonus” provides that upbeat Yuletide sound experience not quite found in Christmas carols as we know them.

Aegis (Greek for “shield” or “protection) is composed of six members, six females and a male. The Pinoy pop-rock band introduced timeless hits such as “Basang-basa sa Ulan,” “Halik,” “Luha,” “Sayang na Sayang,” and “Sinta.” They are a homegrown band from Alpha Music Corporation.

While we may be used to their country ballads and “birit” tunes, they have their own unique take on Christmas carols, too.

Trust us when we say that a Christmas party playlist won’t be complete without Aegis’ iconic “Christmas Bonus” track.

Picture this scenario:

“Christmas Bonus” may be played for the traditional “initiation” dance for new hires, or as a stop-dance game with employees, or a song in queue during karaoke sessions while co-workers drop hints to their bosses to please release the much-awaited Christmas bonus.

For working hard all year round, employees deserve the aforementioned, much-anticipated holiday bonus and their 13th-month pay.

However, the bigger question is: How has the pandemic affected the practice of giving out this year-end reward?

As Aegis puts it, “Ibigay mo na.”

“Christmas Bonus” remains one of Aegis’ most requested numbers whenever they perform abroad or anywhere around the country, whatever time of the year. Some overseas Filipino workers themselves trust that the song attracts prosperity.

In other news, the hit musical, “Rak of Aegis,” inspired by the band’s many songs, ran for seven seasons and counting, a production of Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). (Isabella Cuartero)

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