A new online learning platform was recently made public.

Called, Artkipelago, it’s a virtual school for the arts that features a veritable A-list of Filipino creative talents teaching young and old, beginners and professionals alike.

During the recent virtual press conference, some of the mentors were introduced, namely theater-actress Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, who was in New York, Grammy-nominated producer-composer, and sound engineer Lugo Gonzalez, all the way from Los Angeles, music-manager Geoff Langston (UK), singer-songwriter Jim Paredes (Australia), theater-actor Audie Gemora, producer, writer, and director Jag Garcia, producer, songwriter and composer Gino Cruz, and singer and songwriter Nyoy Volante.

Artkipelago founder and president Twinky Lagdameo said during interview that the platform focuses entirely on creative industries.

“And we put together really the best mentors in various fields. And hopefully, they will inspire and encourage everybody really to discover their creative passion and turn that passion into a profession,” she said.

Twinky also extended her gratitude to the mentors, whom she said “graciously and generously” are giving their time and sharing really what they know to make the courses really different.

“To share their insights, their learnings, the things that they learned along the way decades of success in their various fields,” she said.

Meanwhile, Congressman Christopher “Toff” de Venecia also shared his student about Artkipelago’s latest milestone.

Note that the guest speaker is a proud millennial with a background in theater, arts, and communication. He founded two of Manila’s former foremost peer companies – 9 Works Theatrical and The Sandbox Collective. He’s also the representative of the fourth district of Pangasinan and is sitting as the Deputy Majority Leader in the Lower House. Toff is also the Chairman of the Special Committee on Creative Industry and Performing Arts.

Of course, he congratulated the team behind Artkipelago.

“It’s always great to be in the presence of esteemed artists and creatives, especially when there’s such turbulence and uncertainty in the world. On a personal note, I find that talking about creativity with fellow creatives is always an effective way to save one’s sanity,” he said. “But apart from mental health benefits of interacting with creators, it’s also so much learning and new ideas that can sprout from such interactions. In fact, I believe that best creative ideas come from random conversations with friends from different creative fields rapidly over beer. Imagine doing that in a much organized well planned out and intentional platform. This is what Artkipelago seeks to offer the public.”

According to him, as the principal author of the proposed Philippine Creative Industries Development Act, which is nearing its enactment pending deliberations. Artkipelago seeks to unite creatives helping them spread their bottomless well of creative knowledge throughout the country and beyond through the platform.

He hopes that the Artkipelago virtual experience will extend to future directors, actors, musicians, composers, and content creators who reside outside the country’s metropolitan centers.

Toff declared that Filipino creatives makes him believe that while today’s circumstances may feel all too familiar or may even be worse than what they were two years ago, nothing prevents people from being better and more prepared versions of themselves.

“The pandemic-proof nature of Artkipelago will be a major key in ensuring that we sustain the momentum for creative education and learning whether we are in a lockdown or not,” he said. “Despite the challenges, I remain steadfast in believing that, indeed, the future of our learners and the future of our country is indeed creative.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/01/21/learn-create-with-the-best-via-artkipelago/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=learn-create-with-the-best-via-artkipelago)