46 Hope St. welcomes the year with ‘Di Na Magpapauto’ releases today, Jan.14, on popular digital platforms. The track distributed by Widescope Entertainment features Ebe Dancel singing back-up vocals.

With power play and abuse of the weak ever present in our current society, one of today’s most promising local bands, 46 Hope St., welcomes the new year with a bang through a statement rock song interestingly called “Di Na Magpapauto.” The declarative certainty of the title alone is in itself brought forth in-your-face.

The band’s fifth single is set to be released today, Jan. 14, on various digital platforms as the country battles the ongoing pandemic’s latest surge and heads closer to the much anticipated and debated national elections in May. Looks like the group is making their clear stand, that in their book they’re not allowing power abusers nor a virus that’s been pestering the world to rule over. At least, in a song powered by aggressive guitar work and solid rhythm section, they’re able to voice out and bravely face the people’s glaringly real enemy.

Widescope Entertainment, the label to which 46 Hope St. is signed with, likewise set it in stone to allow its stable of talents to shine in the way they wish to, given that it is bent on uplifting the spirit of Filipino artistry and sentiment.

“’Di Na Magpapauto’ beckons an uprising against the manipulations of an abusive power,” stated band frontman Meds Rana who wrote and lead-sung the piece.

It’s kind of an understatement to say that Meds had a competent supporting cast. Maybe spectacular is the better word, for apart from the duo of bassist Ryan Gonzales and drummer Aaron Dolleton ably backing him up, the iconic Ebe Dancel himself also complemented some backing vocals to the track. It’s not every day that a young band can have someone of his stature on board assisting in their craft. Knowing Ebe’s character he wouldn’t have participated if he doesn’t believe in the talent and message of an act. So, his involvement tells much of how he regards the band in his capacity as A&R (Artist & Repertoire) and record producer.

46 Hope St. and the former main man of a hit-making trio we all know teamed up as producers of the track, with Widescope’s top executives Vic de Vera and Neil Gregorio making themselves felt behind the scene as usual.

Meds added, stressing the point of the song’s lyrics, “It encourages the listener to stay vigilant and to push back against machinations that take advantage of the weak.”

“Di Na Magpapauto” was recorded in the band’s hot zone Big Baby Studio, with Peavy Nicolas taking care of the mixing and mastering.

The defiant chorus, delivered with just enough restraint and grit, informs, “Di na ko magpapauto sa iyo sapagkat ang lahat ng kabutihan mo’y pagpapanggap.”

Demonstrated from their previous outputs, the band does not hesitate in making bold strokes right from the get-go. The opening line quickly strikes a chord and sets up the mood. “Kami ang dahilan kaya ka nariyan tiwalang nilaan ba’t di mo gampanan.”

Around the same time last year, 46 Hope St. debuted with “Parisukat Sa Bilog” which immediately drew attention. Three more singles put out in later months provided proof of the band’s versatility. In December the trio contributed to Widescope’s various artist compilation “Pagmamahal NgayongPasko,” recording “Reason For The Season” and joining the ensemble singing of the title track.

The new year may not have started quite well with the ongoing health crisis sparing no one from its rage. But for 46 Hope St., now is a right time to speak up and make their intention clear for the nation’s healing.

To stream and download: https://orcd.co/46hopest_dinamagpapauto

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/01/14/rising-band-46-hope-st-welcomes-2022-with-statement-song/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rising-band-46-hope-st-welcomes-2022-with-statement-song)