ALAMAT returns with a very pop sounding new song in “ABKD.”

The Pinoy pop boy band, which has fast distinguished itself from the crop of K-pop inspired groups by imbibing an easily identifiable and rootsy Pinoy vibe into their look and themes, has released a new single titled “ABKD.”

And it’s the poppiest sounding number from ALAMAT yet. The mood for “ABKD” is dialled on sunny as this lyrical new number features improved harmonies from ALAMAT’s Taneo, Mo, Jao, Tomas, R-Ji, Valfer, Gami and Alas. It’s a vast sonic improvement from previous singles “kbye” and “kasmala.” The vibe of those tracks, though fine examples of what a dance-centric boy band should be singing, are somewhat on the serious side (although it should be noted that “kbye” is an excellent R&B-imbued excursion). The boys of ALAMAT are young and should sound buoyant. And “ABKD” is just the right kind of bouncy to raise the mood and aura of this promising Pinoy pop group.

And just in time too. During a chance encounter with Ninuno Media’s Jason Paul Laxamana, the director mentioned that this will be a busy year for ALAMAT. Fans should expect more single releases and a possible EP. If “ABKD” is any indication of what’s coming, then 2022 will definitely be an exciting time for ALAMAT.

Also with a new single is hit rap group ALLMO$T. After a string of tracks in which we see several members of ALLMO$T – rappers Crakky, Russell and hook singers Jom and Clien – doing several collaborations and configurations wherein just one or two members are featured, the new single “Palaging May Tayo” finds the “Dalaga” foursome together in one track again. The tuneful new number is more pop than their usual Hip Hop, with its piano-inflected arrangement owing its melodies more to 50’s classic progressions, but here it is fused with Pinoy rap. The resulting song is a relaxed modern day Pinoy pop ballad with swag.

Singer-songwriter Eugene Layug is a newcomer who just made his catchy debut with “Maghihiwalay Din Kayo.” This acoustic pop flavored song, released by OC Records, will recall the best acoustic singer-songwriters that we’ve loved of late. But the flavor is all local and Eugene Layug of course. He puts a playful spin on his ‘hugot’ of “Maghihiwalay Din Kayo” and we can’t help but snicker at a line or two of his wherein he skeptically goes “At kahit sabihin ninyong di kayo nag-aaway / Kontinente nga naghihiwalay.” There’s more of course, but it’s up to you to check the rest of it yourself.

Speaking of singer-songwriters, Ethan Loukas is one that we’ve always kept an ear out for. With good reason because Loukas has always done good by his songs. And an example would be the just released song titled “Losin’ My Mind.” Loukas, recently married, just dropped a love song that can sit side by side with a South Border, Freestyle or a Side A tune. What we’re saying is that “Losin’ Is My Mind” is that good. The keyboard intro recalls Chicago’s “Hard Habit To Break” but the rest of it is all Loukas. While everyone else is writing ‘hugot’ style love songs (nothing wrong with it), here’s Loukas reaching far back and rips a page from 80’s and 90’s-styled English love songs in the lyrical style of greats such as Odette Quesada, Gerry Paraiso and Danny Javier. Let’s see if Ethan Loukas keeps at it.

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