Fitz Shioda

Filipino-Japanese singer-songwriter Fitz Shioda, releases his debut single under O/C Records, ‘callboi’, on Friday, Feb. 4.

callboi is a “flirty feel-good romantic song” set in a pop tune that connects with those who revel in a “quanfling” as it tackles a romantic love formed during a quarantine period.

“callboi explores the idea of being always there for someone through the phone during quarantine,” says Fitz.

The song draws from Fitz’s personal experience of getting “attached” to someone he met online, which he reckons happened when the pandemic amplified the notion of forging new connections in a digital landscape.

“I became her ‘callboi’. I figured some people probably experienced the same,” Fitz shares as he talks about the key inspiration of this track.

Fitz Shioda is known for exhibiting his own version of pop music, shaped by synthesized genres like soul, acoustic, blues, and rock. In his latest single, callboi, the sonic arrangement renders an upbeat blend of r&b and “bluesy” progression, inspired by renowned artists, John Mayer and Tom Misch.

“I usually write sappy songs and sing them online ever since the beginning of the covid era, until one of my viewers challenged me to write an upbeat song that’s not sad. Hence, callboi was born,” he shares.

Other creatives in the production of callboi include producer Ninno Rogriguez, Joel Mondonedo who played the bass guitar for this track, and Ammy Gecana who designed the graphic art for callboi alongside Fitz.

“The song wouldn’t sound as good without their help. The song’s cover art would probably be just a picture of myself without Ammy’s help. Oh btw, shoutout to my sisters for singing the choir parts of the song. Had fun recording that at home,” says Fitz.

callboi’s jesting approach offers more than its playful sound — Fitz Shioda’s aim to make a remark on the concept of building relationships in this digital age prompted the production of this single.

“the song suggests that falling in love online can be part of the new normal, and that it really shouldn’t be a big deal,” he says.

callboi is now available for streaming on all leading digital music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. (Denise Simone)

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