Yet another daughter of celebrities Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto is making inroads in show business.

Though Claudia Barretto doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of her mom and dad, as with her sister Julia, who are all focused on acting.

She wants to be known as a singer-songwriter.

Last year, Claudia talked about the pros and cons of being part of a family of celebrities.

During a recent press conference for her latest single “Everything,” the 22-year-old musician was asked if she thinks it was easier for her to break into the business, unlike other aspiring artists who actually need to join competitions and such to gain notice.

“There are so many talented artists, and admittedly, so many other talented artists that are much more talented than I am. So I do recognize that because I am a second generation, I have it easier than others. And what I feel my responsibility to that privilege is to just deserve it na lang. Deserve the attention that I’m getting. Used it as best as possible I can,” she said.

She reiterated music is her passion.

“I love what I do. I love making music. It’s an honest form, honest job and career that I do really want to pursue and care about,” she said. “And I hope that eventually, in the music scene, we’re all gonna have a space to be part of it.”

Claudia pledged to try her hardest and do better, aiming to go far to prove her merit.

She also have a message to her listeners, particularly the ones who want to pursue music.

“Even if I had it easy than most, there’s struggle that we will all really face when it comes to music but don’t ever be afraid to just pursue it anyway. Your love for it should be greater than the fear,” she said.

Asked if it was a conscious effort on her part to differentiate herself from other family members, Claudia reiterated it was more like how the cards were laid out for her.

But is she open to acting?

Well, she will be undertaking some acting workshops.

“So we’ll see if this is something… if is the skill that I have. Kasi a lot of people tell me ‘It’s in your blood,’ but we don’t really know if I have the skills for acting. But I’m willing to try and I’m willing to see where it takes me also.”

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