‘Give Me Your Forever’ (Facebook)

It’s only February 2022, and we’re already hearing what we vote as the ‘Feel Good Song of the Year.’ If you want to have an idea about what we’re saying, try listening to the newest version of ”Give Me Your Forever” and fall in love all over again. It’s the perfect song to listen to (with your sweetheart, or without), especially now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

‘Give Me Your Forever’ is a collaboration between local music whiz Zack Tabudlo of ‘Binibini” fame and popular Thai actor/singer Billkin. With their dreamy vocals and perfect fusion of R&B melodies, it’s hard to believe that a pair of artists from Generation Z is behind this catchy, romantic tune that’s sure to melt the heart of millions of their followers.

Zack and Billkin first let the public hear their rendition of ‘Give Me Your Forever” during the BYE 2021 livestream event on New Year’s Eve (December 31) 2021. Prior to this, Billkin’s camp noticed Zack’s original version of the song which was a hit on social media platforms and Asian countries like Thailand (where Bilkin is from).

That’s when the idea of a collab was brought up. A hassle-free agreement to work together was immediately made between Zack’s music label UMG Philippines/ Island Records and Billkin’s Nadao Music which also happens to be distributed by Universal Music Thailand.

Zack credits Billkin for giving him another perspective with his musical approach, and for teaching him that there’s always a way of looking at things more creatively.

Zack Tabudlo (Facebook)

“Am definitely looking forward to more collabs in the future with Billkin and with other artists,” said Zack, who also had a collab with actor James Reid for the song Hatdog. It will be noted that Zack also did an English language cover of Billkin’s song titled ”I Do not.”

Zack and Billkin agree that ‘Give Me Your Forever” is the perfect anthem for these difficult times. “The song has a positive and upbeat ‘love wins’ message which generates good vibes. It makes people think about lasting love and hope,” they said.

I want you to know / I love you the most / I’ll always be there right by your side/ ‘Cause baby, you’re always in my mind/ Just give me your forever (give me your forever).

Giving a backgrounder of his hit song, the 20-year-old Zack said, “Give Me Your Forever” was inspired by a scene he saw in Manila. “I saw this old couple in their late 70s. The man was in a wheelchair and his wife was giving him kisses.”

“The song all about giving your forever to the right person and being there for each other till the end of time,” he pointed out.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/02/10/give-me-your-forever-is-the-perfect-song-for-valentines-day/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=give-me-your-forever-is-the-perfect-song-for-valentines-day)