New Friends

Alternative Pop band, New Friends is thrilled to release their new album “The Pilot” with their lead single, “Right Here.”

New Friends says,“We’re excited to bring all the tracks we have released as a band together on one cohesive album along with our new single “Right Here”. Our music career journey jumped off quickly with our first song every written going viral, so it’s great to be able to share this complete body of work along with a brand-new single.”

Four young college kids from a small town Canada find each other in 2019 and have an accidental hit with their song “Purple Candy”. Fast forward to Dec 2021 when they win Canada’s biggest music competition, “It’s Your Shot”.

Each a talented musician and songwriter, “The Pilot” is the first album from New Friends and a culmination of their music released thus far with their new track “Right Here.” Their alt/indie pop sound is a dichotomy of guitars, drums and synth paired with ethereal vocals.

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