Sabrina Manansala

Rising singer-songwriter, busker, and poet Sabrina Manansala drops her latest single, ‘Honey Please Stay’ on Monday, Feb. 21. Honey Please Stay marks Manansala’s sophomore track under O/C Records, following the release of Hanggang Dito Nalang Muna in October 2020.

“Honey Please Stay” features a blend of indie-ballad tunes that speaks of pain and vulnerability — underpinning Manansala’s vigor to connect people through artistic stories bearing the veracity and truth of art.

“Honey Please Stay is about someone important in your life leaving and you being in that forkroad of wanting them to stay & letting them go–a lot of people in our lives sometimes leave temporarily and sometimes for good, and this song tells a simple story of showing your emotions and vulnerability to someone, all skin and bones, in the hopes that they’d see how much you value them and in the hopes that they would stay,” she shares.

Stemming from the notion of pain being an integral part of life, Honey Please Stay was built on a mixture of “soft and hard-hitting truths about loving someone whom you don’t know whether will stay or go,” meditating on endless questions about wanting and asking them to stay.

Known for weaving a perfect blend of spoken word poetry and music, Manansala notes that “poetry is embedded in the words of this song.”

Arranged by producer Henry Alburo, the production of the track stirred up new discoveries for Manansala as an artist. She shares, crafting this single uncovered a different dimension of her artistry — fervidly feeling the rhythm of a piece fosters a passionate integration of her creative ideas.

For this latest single, Manansala’s ingenuity to get across the purport of pain, honesty, vulnerability, and art is exhibited.

“I believe music or art is one of the ways we can let people know that I feel you, one way or another, you are allowed to want, to cry, to desire, and to fight,” she says.

Honey Please Stay is now available for streaming on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube. (Denise Simone/contributed article)

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