Direk James Ocampo with Alexa Ilacad and Benedix Ramos on the set of ‘Paano’ official music video

Since its release last January 21st, the heartbreak anthem “Paano” has been breaking and mending hearts at the same time, but the most important heart that healed was Alexa’s. 

The official music video of “Paano” premiered last March 5, 2022 on indie record label Off The Record’s YouTube channel with over thousands of viewers awaiting to see how Alexa Ilacad will close off her heartbreak journey.

Actress-singer, Alexa Ilacad, tapped her former PBB housemate Benedix Ramos to star alongside her in the music video, which she personally helped in creatively directing.  

Director James Ocampo was able to perfectly capture the hurt and anger that Alexa Ilacad wanted to convey while at the same time grip viewers with the on-screen chemistry of Alexa and Benedix. Through scenes that would cut from a flashback of the two to the present time when we would see Alexa alone, the music video of “Paano” will leave you with even more questions and emotions regarding a failed relationship than you first started with, much like how any person going through a heartbreak would feel.

We pick up the story narrative based on the outfit changes and transformations of the two, most especially Alexa’s. The changing from one hairstyle and look to another signifies a new timeline and emotion. As the music video and song reach its climax, so does Alexa’s emotions. At the end, the closure that needed to take place was for her to let it all out and come to terms that sometimes having unanswered questions is the answer itself.

The premiere of the music video also trended in the Philippines and worldwide on Twitter. BENLEX PONKANS OFFICIAL, the fanclub of Alexa Ilacad and Benedix Ramos, even put up multiple billboards across Metro Manila to show their love for the two and their music video. With all this said, “Paano” was definitely the heartbreak anthem that she needed to write and release in order to find the closure she seeked for years now. Add in the love from her fans, one could say that heart has fully healed. You can also stream Alexa Ilacad’s “Paano” on Spotify, Apple Music and all digital streaming platforms.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/03/09/alexa-ilacad-stars-in-her-own-music-video-for-paano-alongside-former-pbb-housemate-benedix-ramos/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=alexa-ilacad-stars-in-her-own-music-video-for-paano-alongside-former-pbb-housemate-benedix-ramos)