Martin Riggs

Singer-songwriter, busker, and producer Martin Riggs releases his latest single ‘P Z Z L S’ on Friday, March 4.

Published under his home label, O/C Records, P Z Z L S captures the puzzling state of feeling up to the mark with being “completely incomplete” as you journey through filling the missing gaps in life.

“P Z Z L S is all about finding the missing pieces in life,” says Riggs.

He adds, “Alam mo ‘yung “parang may kulang” — ‘yon. ‘Yung state na ‘yun. The state in pursuit of the pieces that will complete you, and being positive and hopeful about being in that state.”

The title of the track is creatively carved to embody the impression of the song — a representation of a puzzle meant to be put together.

“The song talks about picking up missing pieces, so I decided to omit the vowels from the title and add some space,” he shares.

Inspired by a friend’s life story, the production of P Z Z L S was amplified during the holiday break when Riggs posted a TikTok video asking his followers for an “exchange gift” — tell him a story, and he’ll write a song about it. A friend linked up with him about P Z Z L S, to which Riggs immediately recorded a demo version.

Riggs being adept in the music production side, initially aimed to have a different artist sing the track.

He shares, “Insecure ako sa singing ko. This is an English song. Hirap na nga ako kumanta in general, tapas ito, English pa.”

His manager-co-producer, and CEO of O/C Records, Kean Cipriano, encouraged Riggs to keep the initial vocals of the track to which he reckons, “that feels like an achievement already, and that really made me want to release this song.”

P Z Z L S features an acoustic tune hinting a sentimental, hopeful, inspirational, and meditative harmony — wrapped up in multiple layers of electric guitars and vocals that give out a “calming effect”.

“Even the arrangement is like a puzzle itself,” shares Riggs.

Other creatives in the production of this track include Kean Cipriano, Van Cipriano, and Hazel Pascua — who mixed and mastered the track and is also one of the producers behind Adie Garcia’s hit tracks Paralaman and Tahanan, to name a couple.

P Z Z L S adds up to Martin Riggs’ growing music catalog of conveying stories about the realities of life, the joys of love, and the pains of heartbreak. His previously released tracks include his debut single, Langit at Dagat, Damaso, Umaga, and Ako At Ikaw, Diba? — his track from the Golden Scenery of Tomorrow Soundtrack Album. ‘

P Z Z L S is now available for streaming on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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