The Jane Doe who accused Chris Brown of rape recently has lost legal representation.

The unidentified woman claimed she was drugged and raped by Chris Brown inside a yacht owned by P. Diddy a couple of weeks ago.

She lost her lawyers over text messages that police found on her phone.

Rolling Stone reported that the “Miami Beach Police recovered said text messages on the woman’s phone that may complicate her claims Chris Brown drugged and raped her.”

The detectives investigating the allegations handed what they found to the woman’s legal team.

Rolling Stone was told by the woman’s lawyer, George Vrabeck, that “We are very grateful that the Miami Beach Police Department brought this to our attention. They did a great job.”

The lawyer then announced that he and co-counsel, Ariel Mitchell, “will no longer represent the Jane Doe plaintiff in the sex assault, false imprisonment, and gender violence lawsuit that was filed against Brown” (filed last January 28) due to “unspecified information” obtained from police last week.

“We were not made aware that the information existed. It precludes us from going forward for a number of reasons. It’s not a comment on whether an assault happened or not, but it precludes us from going forward,” Vrabeck said.

While the police and now former lawyers did not comment on what those discovered texts contained, entertainment and gossip website Radar Online published last Tuesday, “alleged excerpts from the text communication.” These texts included “messages from the days immediately after the purported attack in which the woman allegedly asks to see Brown again and shares explicit photos.”

These texts, that purportedly went, “Missing u. U were honestly the best– I’ve had lol I just want it again,” was said to have been sent by the woman to Brown several months after the alleged incident.

Chris Brown was quick to share the Radar Online story on his Instagram stories along with a statement: “No more dragging me through the mud. Me and my team are taking legal action on this situation. You don’t play with people’s lives like that.”

“The Jane Doe plaintiff could hire a new lawyer to take over the case and serve her complaint on Brown. If she does not, the court is expected to dismiss the action for lack of service on Brown,” reported Rolling Stone.

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