DENOVA is back to rock out with their latest single, “Healer.”

The single is a follow-up from “Heaven,” which was released last year. “Healer” is a fusion of the alternative, punk rock, and funk sound we’ve all come to love, but with a unique touch from the Manchester-based band. The single immediately landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Philippines playlist.

Right off the bat, the band reels listeners in with their gritty riffs and a recurring bass line that complements the rest of the instruments. The synthesizers halfway through the song are a welcome addition to the mix. The band wants to emphasize the importance of collaboration in this single.

Among the people who worked on the music were Joey Howard (of Paramore) on bass, Ben Nield on the guitars, and drummer Genson Viloria, whose groovy ideas helped in the demo version of the track.

With lyrics written by Kevin Daos (vocalist) and Luca Nardella (guitarist), the single talks about the power of music to turn things around, especially when things are grim. “When you’re feeling overwhelmed and when you’ve just about had enough, you put on your favorite songs and you feel saved! It seems like such a simple thing but this song is a reminder that when you’re having crappy days, music is there for us,” Daos states.

The band also hopes that listeners will get something positive out of the song, for they believe that art exists to comfort everyone.

As the world slowly heals from the pandemic, live events and music are also starting to come back to normal. DENOVA has been performing at several venues around the United Kingdom and went on tour with their friends from Two Year Break. The 4-piece band hopes to step onto Philippine shores and finally perform for their Filipino fans as initially planned.

“Healer” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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