There was a time when Nik Makino’s rep (reputation) preceded his rap. That was when he got into trouble for the controversial lyrics of his mega-hit ‘Neneng B’ and then a music producer from Europe raised an issue against him.

There’s no denying that Nik attracted a lot of haters during the early part of his career. However, controversy is nothing for this prolific rapper who hustled in New Jersey and grew up in the streets of Abad Santos, Tondo. It’s a small price to pay for success and Nik knows you just have to keep creating in order to strengthen your craft.

Thanks to his huge social media following and over 95 million streams for his hit songs, music bigwigs noticed Nik and as a result, his first full album billed ‘Hype One’s’ has been launched. In this milestone compilation, Nik Makino shows fans a more matured, mellow side to him. It doesn’t mean he’s getting boring, it just means he’s evolving like a grown-up man should.

Nik was just 16 when he started discovering the excitement of hiphop and rap. Presumably, the explicit lyrics we can find in ”Lexi” and “Neneng B” were a natural result of his raging hormones. Now 26, Nik swears so much has happened in the last five years. First, there’s the  long pandemic and the greatest impact of all  was settling down with his now-wife Kate and raising a family. Nik says he has a one-year old daughter and someday, he doesn’t want her to listen to ‘Neneng B’ …. ever.

“There’s no denying the fact that Neneng B and Lexi paved the way for me in the local hiphop music scene. Because of these two songs, I made a name for myself. But now with my first album, I want my followers and other people to see me in a different light and connect with me in a more positive way. The songs are proof of the fact that I experienced and realized a lot of things within the last few years. They can feel it all in my  latest music,” Nik narrated.

This writer’s favorite in the album is “Ready Ka” which Nik sang with another rapper Dash Calzado. We love it for its catchy, bouncy tune and message to always hustle.

“Buhay di sasarap kung naka petiks kaKaylangan mong kumilos dapat ready kaUmiwas ka sa peke mga replikaI was din sa drama di ka artista.” There are a total of 14 songs in Hype One’s and we advise you to give it a try listening.

Followers will surely fall for Nik’s piece with Flow G entitled MOON where the two influential rappers talk about their journey to the top, with its ups and downs. On the other hand, there’s a pop-hiphop feel to songs like “Chill na Chill” where Nik sings about watching the sunset and counting the stars (in stark contrast to ‘Neneng B’ where he raps about getting laid.)

What’s next for Nik Makino: more music videos, more collaborations with fellow artists, more performances locally and abroad. And hopefully, a second album to showcase more of his creativity as an artist.  Listen to Nik Makino’s HYPE ONE’S at this URL:

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