Billboard’s 2022 Woman Of The Year, Olivia Rodrigo, is thrilled to represent Pinoys deeming it “amazing.”

She told “Good Morning America” that it makes her “feel so proud to be a part of the Filipino community.”

“They have been so lovely and are so welcoming and supportive of me,” she added.

Of course, many Pinoys are happy as well that Olivia is openly acknowledging her roots.

Though she was born and bred in the US, growing up in Marietta, California before moving to Los Angeles to act and then sing, Olivia maintained she is a Pinoy through and through, happily relating how she is quite familiar with Filipino food and traditions.

This came courtesy of her Pinoy dad, of course.

And how did their family find their way to the US?

According to Olivia, her great-grandfather moved from the Philippines to the US as a teenager.

Note the 18-year-old is considered by many among today’s biggest pop music star.

She is about to make history too, having earned seven nominations for this year’s Grammy Awards, all due to her debut album “SOUR,” which includes a slew of hits including “Traitor,” “Good 4 U,” “Deja Vu” and “Driver’s License.”

The Grammy Awards happens April 3 in Las Vegas.

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