Rapper Tommie King, who hails from Atlanta, the “Motown of the South,” launches his newest single, “Nights in Manila.” The single, which is his debut record for Def Jam Philippines/Southeast Asia, drops on March 11 on major streaming services. King wrote and produced the song with mixing help from Malik HD and Th3rd.

“Nights in Manila,” King says, is inspired by his wanting to be back in Manila to enjoy its nightlife (among other things) while being stuck in Atlanta during the COVID-19 pandemic for around six to seven months. It is a feeling, he says, which a lot of people could connect with. The song’s feel, which he describes as a “club vibe,” came to him spontaneously, he recounts. It is a musical portrait of a city he loves, and the sound reflects the carefree vibe he has always felt during his time in town.

King has been making music since he was nine years old and recording songs since he was eleven. He has collaborated with noted rapper CyHi the Prynce and Brazilian model and singer Daiana Menezes, and opened for acts such as Fatboy Slim and Aloe Blacc.

As the pandemic hopefully dies down and Manila opens up, “Nights in Manila” takes on a more hopeful feeling of anticipation. King says, “I’m looking forward to everything opening up and feeling that same electric feel Manila can have on the right night.”

Speaking of electric nights, King recalls a lively house party during his early days in Manila the night before A$AP Rocky performed at the local club Xylo. There, King met the prominent rapper and sat down with him for 20 minutes, and joined Rocky at his hotel room for drinks right after. He even recalls seeing retired boxer Floyd Mayweather at the party.

Why should people listen to “Nights in Manila”? King says, “If you don’t, you’re going to feel left out when your friends ask you, ‘Have you heard of this guy, Tommie King?’ One way or the other, you’ll definitely be hearing [from] me.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/03/12/tommie-king-celebrates-his-nights-in-manila/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=tommie-king-celebrates-his-nights-in-manila)