The agency of K-pop boy band Golden Child has denied a report that member Tag (real name Son Young Taek), 24, is in critical condition in a hospital.

On May 18, Korean media outlet Kukmin Ilbo reported that Tag is in critical condition due to acute liver failure.

K-pop group Golden Child member Tag (Instagram)

It added that Tag was admitted to the Gangnam Severance Hospital in Seoul on the afternoon of May 18 due to symptoms of acute liver failure.

The report added that Tag is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit and is said to be in urgent need of a liver transplant.

After the report came out, Woollim Entertainment, Golden’s Child’s agency, issued a statement to refute the report.

“Reports that the Tag is in critical condition are false,” the agency said, according to Korean media.

The agency added, “Currently, he is not in a critical condition. However, due to a difficult condition recently, he visited the hospital this morning and completed various tests and is waiting for the results.”

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