Despite the pandemic, this music label forges on.

Local music company Blacksheep Records Manila is celebrating their second year of operations with a show this Saturday,  May 21.

Dubbed “Blacksheep Records Manila Night,” it will showcase the music label’s roster of artists at the ETON Centris open grounds. These include Ferodina, Outplayed, Daybreak, Section Juan, Divided By Zero and Aurora with Magnus Haven headlining.

Solo artists from the label will also be highlighted with singer-songwriter Ethan Loukas, Kyla Miel Camerong, rap music act Ezro and Angelo Garcia also performing.

Music groups The Mox and Afterkol is also in the lineup.

Label head Jaworski Garcia said, “despite the challenges the pandemic brought, we remain optimistic. Pag ganitong kaganda ang tugtugan, it’s hard not to be.”

He is referring to the music acts that his label signed since he started the label in 2020.

Garcia, with his music producer Robert Javier (former bassist of The Youth), is steadfast in the face of hardships in establishing a record company in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

But the label has since produced notable output from Ezro (“’Di Kagandahan (Pero Mabait”), Ethan Loukas (“Losin’ My Mind”), Ferodina (“ASIA” ako’y sa’yo ika’y sakin), Kyla Miel Camerong (“Tukso”), Angelo Garcia (“Mamahalin”) and Magnus Haven (with their latest single “Oh Jo”).

“Blacksheep Records Manila Night” is free and is produced in cooperation with Bongskie Productions.

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