Gabo Gatdula

Indie-pop artist and singer-songwriter, Gabo Gatdula, made his sophomore release last May 13, with “‘Di Ko Man Masabi” — an indie-pop record that speaks of expressing gratitude, and appreciation for the significant people in our lives. 

Following the success of his debut track, Sa Pag-Ikot Ng Araw — the fourth track from  the soundtrack of the famous hit novel, Golden Scenery of Tomorrow. Gabo Gatdula is  back to give a message of love and appreciation through his latest record, “‘Di Ko Man  Masabi.”

“The song serves as an instrument to tell their loved ones – significant other, friends, or  family – how much they appreciate and love them,” he explains. 

Published under O/C Records, “‘Di Ko Man Masabi”, renders a more personal note: the  artist’s unexpressed sentiments of “appreciation” and “love” for his loved ones. Initially crafted as a piece that conveys a message of “assurance” for a special one, Gabo shares that this track flourished into a song that carries a special message for his  friends and family. 

“Kinda funny (and slightly cheesy) because it was inspired by someone that I like, and I  thought of writing a song about giving assurance. I realized later on that the song could  also be dedicated to my friends and to my family,” Gabo shares, adding that this  realization came after he had the chance to organize his thoughts about his unexpressed emotions. 

As an artist who is still in pursuit of exploring the most fitting musical style and sound  for his aptitude, Gabo reckons that the production of this record “tested” how profoundly he connects with the art pieces he creates. 

“ It (‘Di Ko Man Masabi) also taught me how to be more patient in creating my craft. It  influenced my personal life in a sense that gradually, I am able to express my thoughts,” he says.

Co-produced and arranged by Martin Riggs, and Jefferson Macasarte, “‘Di Ko Man  Masabi” delivers a “groovy” and “energetic” track — a complete turn from Gabo’s debut track which he describes as a “mellow mood” record. 

‘Di Ko Man Masabi, is now available for streaming on all digital music platforms,  including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. (Denise Simone)

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