BTS will be releasing their anthology album titled “Proof” on June 10 to mark their ninth anniversary since their debut in 2013.

From May 9 to 11 KST, Big Hit Music unveiled the tracklists of the three CDs that will be in the anthology album.

BTS will release the “Proof” anthology album on June 10 (Big Hit Music)

“The BTS anthology album that embodies the history of BTS will be released as they begin a new chapter as an artist that has been active for nine years to look back on their past endeavors,” Big Hit Music announced earlier.

The album will be led by the main track “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” and contains 47 other songs.

According to the agency, the songs in the “Proof album “reflect the thoughts and ideas of the members on the past, present and future of BTS.”

The “proof of inspiration” will be released from May 17 to 23 followed by concept photos from May 28 to 29 and May 31 to June 2, “Yet to Come” official music video teasers on June 8 and 9, and release of the music video on June 10.

Here are the songs in the three CDs of BTS’ “Proof” album:

CD 1

01. Born Singer

Original Writers: Jermaine Cole, James Fauntleroy, Anthony Parrino, Canei Finch, Juro “Mez” Davis, Ibrahim Hamad

Lyrics: RM, Suga, J-Hope

02. No More Dream

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, “hitman” bang, RM,SUGA, j-hope, Supreme Boi,Jung Kook)

03. N.O

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, “hitman”bang, RM, SUGA, Supreme Boi)

04. Boy In Luv

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, “hitman” bang, RM, SUGA, Supreme Boi)

05. Danger

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg,Thanh Bui, “hitman:”bang, RM, SUGA, j-hope)

06. NEED

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, “hitman” bang, RM, SUGA, j-hope, Brother Su)

07. RUN

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, “hitman”bang, RM, SUGA, V, Jung Kook, j-hope)

08. FIRE

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, “hitman” “bang, RM. SUGA, Devine Channel)

09. “Blood Sweat & Tears”

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, , RM, SUGA, j-hope, “hitman” bang, 김도훈)

10. Spring Day

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, RM, ADORA, “hitman” bang, Arlissa Ruppert, Peter Ibsen, Suga

11. DNA

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, “hitman” bang, KASS, ,Supreme Boi, SUGA, RM)


Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, “hitman” bang, RM)

13. IDOL

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, Supreme Boi, ‘hitman” bang, Ali Tamposi, Roman Campolo, RM)

14. Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, RM, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, “hitman” ‘bang, SUGA, , Emily Weisband, j-hope, Halsey)

15. ON

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, RM, August Rigo Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, SUGA, j-hope, Antonina Armato, Krysta Youngs, Julia Ross)

16. Dynamite

Produced by David Stewart

(David Stewart, Jessica Agombar

17. Life Goes On

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, RM, Ruuth, Chris James, Antonina Armato, SUGA, j-hope)

18. Butter

Produced by Rob Grimaldi, Stephen Kirk, Ron Perry

(Jenna Andrews, Rob Grimaldi, Stephen Kirk, RM, Alex Bilowitz, Sebastian Garcia, Ror Perry)

19. Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, RM, MAX, Dan Gleyzer, SUGA, j-hope)

CD 2

01. Run BTS

Produced by Dem Jointz for U Made Us What We Are LLC, GHSTLOOP

(Dwayne Abernathy Jr., RM, Ebenezer, j-hope, GHSTLOOP, Jung Kook, SUGA, Oneye (Pontus Kalm), Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, Feli Ferraro)

02. Intro: Persona

Produced by Hiss noise

(Hiss noise, RM, Pdogg)

03. Stay

Produced by Arston

(Arston, JungKook, RM, Jin)

04. Moon

Produced by Slow Rabbit

(Slow Rabbit, RM, Jin, ADORA, Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, Candace Nicole Sosa, Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell)

05. Jamais Vu

Produced by Arcades, Bad Milk, Marcus McCoan

(Marcus McCoan, ,Owen Roberts, MattyThomson, Max Lynedoch Graham, Camilla Anne Stewart, RM, j-hope, “hitman” bang)

06. Trivia: Seesaw

Produced by Slow Rabbit, SUGA

(Slow Rabbit, SUGA)

07. BTS Cypher PT. 3: KILLER (Feat. Supreme Boi)

Produced by Supreme Boi

(Supreme Boi, RM, SUGA, j-hope)

08. Outro: Ego

Produced by Hiss noise

(j-hope, Hiss noise, Supreme Boi)

09. Her

Produced by SUGA, Slow Rabbit

(SUGA, Slow Rabbit, RM, j-hope)

10. Filter

Produced by Tom Wiklund

(Tom Wiklund, Hilda Stenmalm, “hitman” bang, 이스란, LUTRA, , danke, 정바비, 안복진, 폴린딜드, 형광소년)

11. Friends

Produced by Pdogg, Jimin

(Pdogg, Supreme Boi, Jimin, ADORA, Martin Sjolie, 스텔라장)

12. Singularity

Produced by Charlie

(Charlie J. Perry, RM)

13. 00:00 (Zero O’Clock)

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, RM. Jessie Lauryn Foutz, Antonina Armato)

14. Euphoria

Produced by Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young

(Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, Candace Nicole Sosa, Melanie Joy Fontana, “hitman” bang, Supreme Boi, ADORA, RM)

15. Dimple

Produced by Matthew Tishler, Crash Cove

(Matthew Tishler, Allison Kaplan, RM)

CD 3

01. Jump (Demo Ver.)

Produced by SUGA, , Pdogg, Supreme Boi

(SUGA, Pdogg, RM, Supreme Boi)

02. Aemehan Sai

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, RM)

03. Boy in Luv (Demo Ver.)

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, “hitman” bang, RM, SUGA, Supreme Boi)

04. Ttaompyo

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, RM, j-hope)

05. I NEED U (Demo Ver.)

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, RM. JungKook, SUGA, Brother Su, j-hope)

06. Boyz with Fun (Demo Ver.)

Produced by SUGA, Pdogg

(SUGA, Pdogg, “hitman” bang, RM, j-hope, Jin, Jimin, V)

07. Tony Montana (with Jimin)

Produced by Agust D, Pdogg, Supreme Boi

(Agust D, Pdogg, Supreme Boi)

08. Young Forever (RM Demo Ver.)

Produced by RM, Slow Rabbit, Pdogg

(RM, Slow Rabbit, Pdogg)

09. Spring Day (V Demo Ver.)

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, V, RM, “hitman” bang, ADORA)

10. DNA (j-hope Demo Ver.)

Produced by Pdogg

(Pdogg, j-hope)

11. Epiphany (Jin Demo Ver.)

Produced by Slow Rabbit

(Slow Rabbit, ADORA, Jin)

12 Seesaw (Demo Ver.)

Produced by SUGA


13 Still With You (Acapella)

Produced by Jung Kook

(Jung Kook)

14. For Youth

Produced by Roget Chahayed, Imad Royal

(RM, Imad Royal, Roget Chahayed, Blaise Railey, Drew Love, 4rest, j-hope, SUGA, Hiss noise, Slow Rabbit, “hitman” bang)

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