Nick Vera Perez has released two more albums: his fourth and fifth albums are exclusively composed by Adonis Tabanda.

The fourth album, called “Paghilom Ng Sugat” (carrier single), is an OPM (Original Pilipino Music) album with nine special tracks to enjoy. The all-Tagalog hits can be listened to on all 220 digital platforms worldwide.

The album’s official release will be available to everyone internationally in May 2022. His 5th album: Jesus Christ, My Only Savior,” is a collection of gospel all-original hits mixed to create hymns of praises and adoration to our Lord Jesus Christ. The all-Christian album will be released on his birth month, Oct. 2022, or earlier as part of his 10-album contract.

The two albums will be released each year until he reaches the 10th, of which he culminates everything with one all-time hits album 11, “Thank You,” showcasing all the hits from each album. 

It is to be recalled that he released his first album, I AM READY, under Warner Music Philippines, which garnered his nomination for Best New Male Artist in 2017. The second album NVP1.0: NVP1’s More! was released last Sept. 1, 2021, with the carrier single “Laging Ikaw,” which hit one million streams in five weeks worldwide.

With an all-OPM and all-new hits releasing soon, it is again a sure-fire to hit the music world of the Philippines and worldwide. His 3rd album, released on Sept. 30, 2022, the Christmas album, created a global buzz when he interpreted Holy Night in strings and most in Jazz. 

Perez is set to perform once more in a multi-album concert in Manila, the Philippines, 1-Night-Only, on Dec. 17, 2022 (Venue and tickets to be announced @

A formal event, a highly anticipated return of Mr. Nick Vera Perez to the stage after an almost three-year hiatus due to the Pandemic. The cast of KUMUsta Nick? will be sure to entertain the crowd before the main event.

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