Singer-songwriter Adjeng has one rule in writing songs – it should be “authentic.”

It is as such that her songs are all inspired by real-life experiences.

“So if I look at my songs from before, and I look at my songs today, they become like a diary of sorts. Like, they actually mark certain experiences in my life,” she shared.

“Every moment in my life has been represented somehow, by a song. These are diary entries. I’m pretty much barenaked in all of them.”

And yes, she doesn’t avoid even the hardest of subjects, including huge heartbreaks.

She related, “This is actually reflected in some of the songs that I entered in songwriting competitions, like, ‘Sometimes That Happens.'”

Speaking of “Sometimes That Happens,” Adjeng shared how people thought of it as something she wrote at the point in her life when she was happy and in love.

The truth though is, it was inspired by a miscarriage.

Agonizing as it was, Adjeng maintained, “It feels good to be able to capture those moments even however painful.”

So what’s her creative process like, we asked.

According to Adjeng, everything starts the same way, with her enclosing herself inside her “woman cave.”

But as a mother, she makes sure to put all of her kids to sleep first.

And she has to complete household chores.

Happily married to her high school crush, Adjeng writes about married life, too.

Like in her latest single “More Than A Little,” now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Note that it tackles the value of putting in extra time and effort in love.

“Prior to releasing ‘More Than A Little,’ I actually was able to reflect on my relationship, which is almost 17 years going strong. I feel that with ‘More Than A Little,’ the message I put in there also reflects where I’m at right now – that love can get too familiar,” she said.

“I mean, whether you’ve been with a person for five days, five weeks, five months, or five years, or 15 years, it takes effort. I mean, the honeymoon phase, di ba, kind of ends when the baby’s come? And it’s a decision to make, to keep going. I mean, no marriage is perfect. And it’s the substance of a lot of my songs.”

Happily married as she is, how does she write heartbreak songs?

Adjeng explained, “Prior to settling down, I was single for three years and I was writing almost every day wondering whatever happened to, you know, a previous relationship, questions about myself…”

“And up to now when people listen to my old songs, they said they think that, ‘Oh my gosh, you kind of wrote this song for me.’ And I’m thinking, ‘No, I kinda wrote it so I could heal.’ And if it heals you then that’s the biggest blessing ever, you know. And I’m super open to writing heartbreak songs because that’s the thing when you’re an empath, I think you kind of feel it more. It’s very difficult to manage, though. But it’s a blessing when you are writing songs.”

But how did she learn to write songs?

According to Adjeng, it started with her keeping journals at the age of eight.

“And I’ve never stopped. I mean, keeping journals, and the stream of consciousness that comes from keeping a journal can actually be poetic,” she related.

“I mean, you’d be surprised and I realized that, you know, writing has always been very natural for me.”

It helped that her mom surrounded her with music, books.

“So it seems so natural to be reading and writing all the time. I mean, no matter what was going on in the world, I was busy learning how to play guitar and then writing songs.”

Adjeng has already released eight digital singles.

She was part of bands Sipol and Wink in the early stages of her career, before finally deciding to go solo.

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