Andrew E. and Toni Gonzaga-Soriano (YouTube)

It happened a long time ago, but Filipino rapper Andrew E. could still remember the time he was turned down by the late star builder German Moreno during an audition for the teen variety show “That’s Entertainment” in the 1980s.

During an interview for the online show “Toni Talks” by Toni Gonzaga-Soriano on June 19, Andrew E. dubbed the “Godfather of Pinoy Rap,” recalled he was No. 16 during the open audition for the program.

The Filipino rapper said Kuya Germs asked him about his audition piece. Andrew E. said he wanted to do a rap number although, at that time, rap music was not popular among Filipinos.

Andrew E said when he started to rap, Kuya Germs immediately asked him to stop and thanked him. He told the popular host that he was just starting. But Kuya Germs told him he was finished with his audition.

The Pinoy rapper said he was surprised by the decision of Kuya Germs. He sat in the corner and observed the other applicants.

Andrew E. said that actress Donita Rose was No. 17 during the open audition.

During the same process, Kuya Germs asked Donita about her audition piece. Andrew E. said Donita was accepted by Kuya Germs even if she didn’t sing or dance.

“Kapag kinukuwento ko ito kay Donita, tawa siya ng tawa,” Andrew E. said. “Sabi ni Donita, I do remember you. Ikaw pala yung maitim na katabi ko.”

Years later, Donita and Andrew E. became successful personalities in local showbiz. Andrew E. then sang the theme song of Donita’s sitcom entitled “Ober Da Bakod.”

Andrew E. also became a DJ in the 1990s. He recalled that actresses Ruffa Gutierrez and Aiko Melendez would request songs from him. Three years later, he decided to give up being a disc jockey for lack of fulfillment. He also burned the lyric sheets of the songs he wrote.

He also got involved in a hit-and-run case, which prompted him to hide for several days. In those days that he hid, he wrote “Humanap Ka Ng Panget,” “Ganyan,” and “Binibirotcha.”

Andrew E. added that he wrote about 38 songs. He narrated how the case was finally closed after he was asked to pay P90,000.00 which he would get from the royalties of the three songs.

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