Miss Joe Abuda and Best Dancer Binibini 34 Christine Juliane Opiaza from Zambales

Binibining Pilipinas challenged its 2022 candidates through a tiring but fun dance workshop at The Addlib Dance Studio (TADS) in Araneta City on June 21. 

The candidates stepped up in an intensive dance session with Joe Abuda, Managing & Artistic Director of TADS. Dance Master Abuda opened the session with a sizzling display of groove and rhythm that warmed up the Binibinis. 

Abuda then introduced the Power Walk Session to the Binibinis to train them to maintain a confident stance on their walk while dancing. The Binibinis aced the Power Walk training as they tuned up the dance floor on their shoes from World Balance. 

The training was made more challenging as Abuda commanded instructions on how to remember dance steps quickly on the beat of Maymay Entrata’s “Amakabogera”.  It was designed to help the candidates quickly grasp the snaps and body language of a dance routine while maintaining confidence and composure. 

The difficulty of the routine intimidated some of the candidates but later on showed confidence and grace as they move. 

“While being faced with a challenge, do not be the first person to judge you, be the first person to trust yourself. Dancing is not just making the correct dance moves, it is also an art on how you present yourself with confidence. How you unapologetically embrace your flaws, your being and your entirety. People will see what you say to yourself, so be kind to yourself first,” Dance Master Abuda said. 

Binibini 34 Christine Julianne Opiaza of Zambales

After the sessions, the dance masters announced Binibini 34 Christine Julianne Opiaza of Zambales as the best dancer among the candidates. She received a certificate of recognition and special prizes from TADS and Araneta City. 

The Addlib Dance Studio is located at level 2, New Frontier Theater Arcade, Araneta City and is open from 10 am to 9 pm everyday. Reach the via email at letsdance@tadsph.com or via mobile number +63 939 904 2108 .

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/06/21/bb-pilipinas-2020-candidates-groove-in-dance-session/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=bb-pilipinas-2020-candidates-groove-in-dance-session)