Korean actor and K-pop idol Rowoon got a taste of Filipino food and culture at his fan meeting in Manila on June 26, which he described as one of his unforgettable memories.

Organized by Globe for its Kmmunity PH members, the “Ro Woon Live in Manila” fan meeting held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena drew about 7,000 Pinoy fans.

Korean actor and K-pop idol Rowoon waves to the crowd in barong Tagalog at his Manila fan meeting organized by Globe on June 26 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena (Jonathan Hicap)
Rowoon wearing a barong Tagalog at his Manila fan meeting on June 26 (Jonathan Hicap)
Korean idol-actor Rowoon playing “sipa” at his Manila fan meeting on June 26 (Jonathan Hicap)

This was Rowoon’s first time to hold a solo event in the Philippines and his third visit in the country. In January 2018 and November 2019, K-pop boy band SF9 including Rowoon held shows in Manila.

Besides being known as a member of SF9, the 25-year-old star is also an actor, starring in dramas such as “The King’s Affection” and “Extraordinary You” for which he bagged the best new actor awards.

“Mahal ko kayo (I love you),” Rowoon told the audience.

Before the fan meeting, Rowoon took photos with the winners of Globe’s Ultimate Stan promo.

At the fan meeting, Rowoon was asked to try to say different Filipino phrases and to taste Filipino food.

Rowoon said, “Nakakakaba naman yung chika mo beshie” and “Sa Globe Kmmunity, K-ganda ng araw-araw.”

Rowoon at his Manila fan meeting on June 26 (Jonathan Hicap)
Rowoon at his Manila fan meeting on June 26 (Jonathan Hicap)
Rowoon shows the souvenirs he received from Filipino fans (Jonathan Hicap)
Rowoon waves to the crowd at his Manila fan meeting on June 26 (Jonathan Hicap)

He was presented with different Filipino food such as ube-keso pandesal [yam-cheese bun], turon with langka (fried banana roll with langka), taho (soft tofu with sweet syrup), scramble, sour gum ball, and sinigang na baboy.

Rowoon said he was most curious about the taste of taho. He said taho is similar to Korea’s sundubu which he ate as a stew as in the Korean dish sundubu-jjigae.

“I need to bring this back to Korea,” he said. He also tasted puto bumbong (steamed rice cake) and turon with langka.

He added, “When I visited before, I ate a lot of Filipino food. And this is my chance to eat a lot of Filipino desserts so I am really happy.”

Rowoon also got to try wearing the barong Tagalog.

“Actually, the weather is hot in the Philippines and it feels very cool,” he said about wearing the barong. He also played sipa, a Filipino game which is similar to Korea’s jegichagi.

During the question-and-answer portion, fans sent their questions for Rowoon to answer.

When he was asked how he expresses his affection or love to his fans, Rowoon said, “I feel that I’m not great at expressing myself to my friends. But even though I’m not great at expressing myself, my friends understand.”

About his coping mechanism, Rowoon said, “If there is stress, I just accept it. Even if I wanted it released, it would not go away immediately.”

Rowoon was also asked what he does when he feels about giving up on his dreams and it seems that nothing is going as he has planned.

“I think failure has a bigger meaning than success. I like people who failed more than those who succeeded so you can achieve more,” he said.

As a souvenir for fans, Rowoon signed and customized a “bayong” (woven bag).

Rowoon expressed his thanks to all those who went to the fan meeting.

“I really received a lot of support and cheers from you. And I will always think about this. I hope you will not forget me and please keep supporting and cheering for me. And I think this is really the biggest gift that you gave me today,” he said.

He earlier said, “Actually, I really didn’t expect a lot of fans to be waiting for me here in the Philippines. And I think this is one of my unforgettable memories that I had. I am so happy that all of you guys are here with me.”

A video was also played containing the messages of fans for Rowoon. They also sent him souvenir items including banana chips, which, he said, he would bring back to Korea.

As a finale, Rowoon sang “No Goodbye in Love,” an original soundtrack from his drama “The King’s Affection.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/06/27/korean-idol-actor-rowoon-dons-barong-tagalog-tries-taho-at-manila-fan-meeting/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=korean-idol-actor-rowoon-dons-barong-tagalog-tries-taho-at-manila-fan-meeting)