Morissette Amon and Dave Lamar (Instagram)

Singer Morissette Amon has penned a warm greeting to her husband, musician Dave Lamar, as they celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

On her social media account, Morissette shared the Bible verse Matthew 19:6 which read: “So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate.”

Morissette recalled when she and Dave exchanged “I dos.”

“Although there were heavy rains that day, I was only reminded of how God orchestrated our love story and got us through it all; how like an umbrella, He is the one who unites and shelters us with His love & grace. and so despite the many storms in life, with Him in the center, we will continue to dance in the rain,” she wrote.

“And you my love, God knew exactly what I wanted and needed to lead me to you. truly ‘the fire to my ember,’ you take care of me when I’ve felt like I’ve burned out and lighting me up again and again,” she added.

According to Morissette, their love now within marriage has been far greater than the love they had before.

“And we still have a long way to go..,” she said. “It’s been such a beautiful journey so far, thank you for holding my hand with every step. and I will also continue to take care of you like the MVP that you are in my life.”

“I love you from here, all the way to the moon, and always come back home to you, @davejlamar. Happy 1st, bana nako!!!!”

Dave also remembered their wedding day on Instagram.

“‘I’ll be here right next to you / I’ll know all your fears / Protect you with truth / Love you from here to the stars and the moon / Always come back home to you.’ We wrote those lines a couple months before we got married. Now that it’s been a year those words feel more real than ever!,” said he.

Dave shared how they had planned for an outdoor wedding – from ceremony to reception – but the rain fell 15 minutes before the ceremony started.

“It felt like a storm almost! We had to adjust. Plans changed but we still pushed through and everything still turned out beautiful and exactly how God wanted it,” he said.

“That was kind of like a foreshadowing of what was to come. We talk, we prepare, we plan, and we have this picture of what life will look like, but then sometimes things just happen and you have to figure out how to adjust. In the end, God is always moving and directing exactly where we should go.”

Dave said that if there is one thing he learned from their relationship, it’s about relying on God and keeping Him in the center of their marriage all the time. “I don’t always have the answers, but God is faithful to reveal them in His time.”

“God has given me such an incredible wife and it has been such a privilege trying to figure out life beside her. What a ride it has been! I’m excited to see where God continues to lead. One year down and I look forward to the gift of every single day I get to spend beside this beautiful woman that I get to call my wife! Morissette mi love, gihigugma tika!”

It was in January when Morissette revealed that she’s now Mrs. Lamar.

On the other hand, it was in December 2020 when Morissette shared her engagement with the indie-pop singer-songwriter, deeming it as an “answered prayer.”

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