Jose Javier Reyes (Facebook)

“Na-challenge ako,” says director Jose Javier Reyes when asked why he’s doing a sexy movie after a long lull.

“At this point in my life, I want to do films that are different, things I failed to do when I was younger,” the awarded director told a mediacon in connection with his new movie, “Secrets” (Vivamax, now streaming).  

“Secrets” is hot, full of sexy scenes, yet Reyes says beneath those is an underlying truth. That what we see in people isn’t exactly what we’re getting.

He puts his main characters in tempting situations to reveal who they really are, putting forward his thesis that temptation brings out our darkest secrets.

Aside from being excited in doing something different in Secrets, Reyes said he loved working with a new set of actors.

He found lead star Janelle Tee intelligent, and the rest of the cast a pleasure to work with: Felix Roco, Benz Sangalang, Denise Esteban.

 Secrets is the story of the frightening journey of discovery of   a couple who thought they knew everything about themselves, but didn’t.

Janelle and Benz play that couple. They escape the city to go to an isolated beach house in Baler to sort out their relationship. There, they chance upon people who will impact heavily on their secrets.

“Secrets” tells a dark tale of sexual experimentation and perversion.

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