The trio 46 Hope St. has a new digital single, called ‘Sabi Mo’, which made it to Spotify’s Fresh Finds Philippines playlist. 

For a young band fast-becoming known in the music circle as one to explore various sounds and themes, taking the route of the acoustic guitar-driven sound and singing about love gone awry may be a step back from its progressive course. But a real good song rendered in such sparse instrumentation is actually a push out into the broad daylight for everyone to embrace with open arms.

The latest from 46 Hope St., “Sabi Mo,” is actually a spotlight showcase on the band’s frontman Meds Rana who wrote and performed the song by his lonesome — just his voice and punctuated acoustic guitar playing delivering a fine example of a “hugot” song in its unadulterated beauty. 

Released and published by Widescope Entertainment, “SabiMo” is definitely the band’s most accessible piece to mainstream listeners to date, owing to its universally appealing subject matter and musical style. 

“Sabay ganon/ Ayaw mo na/ Ganun na lang ba/ Parang walalang,” states the first chorus which is more than enough to emphasize relatability.

Rana himself chose not to elaborate much about his composition. When asked what it’s about, he replied, “(It’s an) acoustic guitar driven song that talks about the permanency, or lack thereof, of relationship.”

Clocking in at just 2 minutes and 42 seconds, the track may be among the shortest singles you’ll hear in the digital realm these days. Short numbers were the norm in creating classics. The fact that Rana could pull it off in a way like those brilliant classic tunesmiths shows his ability to rely on melodic hooks and straightforward messaging instead of complicating matters or prolonging passages that need not be. 

Thanks to strong support from the record label distributing 46 Hope St.’s music. Rana is guided well to always produce the best music for his band, even given the lone soldier do-it-all setup. Executive producer Vic de Vera, co-producer Neil Gregorio, and A&R coordinator Ebe Dancel have always been on board to ensure their artists provide listeners with output worth the general listeners’ time. 

Of course, Meds’ bandmates Ryan Gonzales and Aaron Paul Dolleton who together form the group’s steady rhythm section, gave him their blessings. Besides, while the song is a solo performance, there’s something in the way it is laid out that should make observers assess it is a band necessarily allowing a piece to shine for the benefit of the sum. 

Rana recorded his vocals and guitars at Katha Music Studio, NY, with

mixing engineer Dante Tanedo providing the necessary help to bring the song right to our faces.

The song concludes, “Sana naman may nakakarinig ng sigaw ng damdamin sa kalangitan/ Bawat kabog ng dibdib hingi ay pag-ibig/ Sa susunod kung alangan huwag nalang magpaasa.”

“Sabi Mo” is 46 Hope St.’s seventh digital single, and third this year following “Di Na Magpapauto” and “Live Like Never Before.” It is dropped in stores today, July 15.

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