Ppop group ALAMAT is slowly but surely establishing itself as one of the better groups out there today and their new track proves it.

Titled “Say You Love Me,” the sexy sounding and grooving mid-tempo number is a slow jam love song. And with a new music video to go along with the new single, we can see that the boys of ALAMAT—Taneo, Mo. R-Ji, Tomas, Jao and Alas — are turning into young men with a lot of, uhm, thrust in them (you just have to see the vid). And their female fan base is losing their minds over it. Which is what Ppop is all about: unbridled emotions wrapped in catchy bop like this one.  ALAMAT has producer NEXXFRIDAY (and co-write Jin Chan) to thank for this R&B tinged, trap-beat driven banger.

Speaking of, NEXXFRIDAY is also the producer behind playful sounding bop “Mahiyain.” Said track is the latest from rising R&B singer DENȲ. According to the singer (real name Denise Pimping) she’s singing about “having a crush but lacking the guts to confess it.” So yeah, she’d put what she wants to say in this tune produced by Neil John Subong, with a mix by MADEINDVN and Waybettr’s NEXXFRIDAY. DENȲ is the singer behind “Gusto Wit Ya” and this song just inches her closer to having that big pop R&B hit.       

Storied label Vicor is not just about cool retro vinyls and is still into the thick of producing new pop acts. And flamboyant Silas is the latest act from this label. A colorful performer to his core, Silas makes his debut with the 80’s pop rock imbued “Hauntingly.” The singer, real name Lance Silas Castro, released an indie single called “Melting Vitamins” a few months back. But this time he’s got a whole production behind him with Jean Paul Veron Ben & Ben fame behind him. The result is this retro-sounding (read modern day) that’s a fitting major label debut for promising new act Silas.

Pinoy pop-rock outfit Bandang Lapis drops another emotional number with new single “Kung Alam Mo Lang.” Having success with their breakout hit “Kabilang Buhay” means having the confidence to write about heartbreak of the gut-wrenching kind. And that’s exactly what they do here on this slow rising power ballad.

“Bestfriend” is the bouncy new solo outing from ALLMO$T’s Jom. On this catchy mid-tempo pop tune, Jom gets help from rap artist (and Pambansang Kamao son) Michael Pacquiao who gets the spotlight on the tune’s rap break. Memorable and melodic.

WAYBETTR R&B music act Jae K has a new slow grind track in “Galit.” Writing from experience, Jae K is singing about a “past lover that kept bugging him post relationship,” and eventual anxiety from said incident prompted the singer-songwriter to put it to music. Featured in this moody, mid-tempo, synth-laden, future R&B track is music artist Yuridope providing the rap break.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/07/11/audio-junkie-alamat-den%c8%b3-jom-bandang-lapis-and-silas-drop-new-singles/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=audio-junkie-alamat-den%25c8%25b3-jom-bandang-lapis-and-silas-drop-new-singles)