From left: Catriona Gray, Zara Carbonell and Andi Eigenmann

By Zee Carvill

While celebrities are so known for having almost close to a perfect face, a few celebrities actually are brave enough to show that their skin is not flawless, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Andie Eigenmann | Actor | Model

Being in the show business industry, most likely you tend to be so pressured to have perfect skin. In one of her posts, she wrote:  “I have a ton of freckles, my face randomly gets red, pores aren’t invisible, and random blemishes that pop out here and there. I used to get hurt when people assume(d) I don’t use sunblock or that I seemed to have stopped taking care of myself as per the photos I post on IG. When in reality, sorry to burst ya bubble but all that changed is that I stopped posting photos that are photoshopped or taken with the ‘best’ lighting.”

Andi shares her simple skincare routine:
Wash face with goat’s milk soap.
An organic and alcohol-free Toner by Kiehl’s

Rosehip seed oil and the Vitamin C serum by The Ordinary
Capped it with St. Ives Moisturizer
Sunblock is a must as she now lives on an island.

Catriona Gray | Beauty Queen | Singer 

Miss Universe 2018 titleholder, Catriona looks undeniably stunning, but a couple of times she bravely told her followers that her skin isn’t “flawless” and that’s okay. She constantly posts photos of herself flaunting her bare face to empower her audience to love their own skin.

She wrote on her post:  “Just jumping on here with a bare-faced selfie to remind you that even though in photoshoots, makeup and IG story filters, my skin looks ‘flawless’ …in reality, I have pores, oiliness, fine lines, breakouts, beauty spots, and moles…and I’m perfectly fine with that. This is just a kind little reminder to remember that what we see online is a ‘curated feed’ and that we shouldn’t compare that to our everyday reality.” 

Proudly she has been showing support for the #AsSheIs online movement that aims to change the perspective of viewers on what’s really behind the glamour of social media.
Cat  shares her simple skincare routine:

Cetaphil bar for cleansing 

micellar water as a toner

Add serum.

An eye cream

Good old Papaw Ointment,

I’ve been using this since I was in high school.
Moisturizer and sunblock.

Zara Carbonell | Author | Beauty Queen 

2018 Miss Tourism Worldwide Titleholder.   The author of “Lost You, Found Me,” and one of the featured women in Fearless Filipinas II, is never scared of showing her skin’s imperfections.   On her feed, you would see her with, and without makeup.   She once shared with the youth during a talk,  that confidence should transcend the glitz and glamour.  You should always be able to feel as confident without makeup.  

In one of her posts she said: “Though getting ready is so fun, on days that I don’t need to put on makeup, I enjoy going out with a bare face and just SPF.  I love knowing that I know exactly who I am even without my lashes, smokey eyes and basically being dolled up.“  

Zara’s simple Skincare Routine

Wash your face with an organic mild soap from Dra Botanica.
Tone with Innisfree
Clinical-grade Moisturizer from MSD
Anessa Sunblock which she has been using since she was 10. 


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