Ciara Sotto (Facebook)

Actress-singer Ciara Sotto, daughter of Senator Tito Sotto III and Helen Gamboa, recently took to social media for a Q&A session with her followers.

On YouTube, one of her fans asked her how she deals with cheating.

“I can’t deal with cheating. If the guy cheats, goodbye. Bigay n’yo na sa kanila kung aya wniya sa’yo. Kung ayaw na nila sa’yo, bye! Kung gusto na nila umalis, ihatid sa pintuan palabas. Sipain mo pa! Joke lang!” said Ciara, during the “Q&A Time!” session with her followers.

In July 2021, Ciara said that she has moved on from her relationship with her former husband, Joe Oconer, with whom she has a son, Crixus. The two split following rumors that Joe has another woman.

“We’re friends, we’re really, really good friends. As in friends that, you know, we can see each other anytime, call each other anytime. Napatawad ko na siya…It’s really hard if you harbor unforgiveness in your heart. I mean, when you forgive someone, you do it for yourself, it’s not for the person…It doesn’t get the person off the hook. I mean, whatever that person does, it’s already his problem…yeah, it’s always best to forgive and I do not want my son to grow up knowing he has a very unforgiving mom…we’re friends and maybe, one of these days, I’ll guest him naman in my vlog,” Ciara added.

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