Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez

Prior to working on his latest movie “Ngayon Kaya,” Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino said that it was a coincidence that he was also shown as someone who is musically oriented in his previous roles in “I’m Drunk, I Love You” and “Larawan.”

“I actually don’t know. Hindi naman ako magaling kumanta pero lagi akong napipilit kumanta sa mga pelikula (laughs). I enjoy actually doing roles like this because it challenges me and there’s also that discipline that you have to stand by when you do roles like this. But I’ve actually always been wanting to do roles like this kasi ito rin talaga yung music na kinalakihan ko eh. Yung music na ginagamit dito, at sa I’m Drunk I Love You. In the future, I’m planning to do something that’s a bit closer to my heart. It’s also about music ng kabataan ko or natin. Hopefully matuloy,” Paulo revealed.

With this latest project, Paulo said that he could relate to his role as Harold, a working student who ends up forming a band with his rich classmate AM (played by Janine Gutierrez). The award-winning actor recalled his previous career decisions.

“In terms of my career, I did a fair share of good and bad projects. But what if it is something in general? Parang I just wish that I could’ve handled so much stuff better in terms of my career, my decision makings, and also my budgeting (laughs). So ‘yan ang what if ko,” he admitted.

Paulo also took his role as a co-producer of the film with seriousness. “In terms of this film, T-Rex basically handled all the producing stuff, but I’ve produced a lot of stuff before as well, and I would say that it’s two different things because when you act, it’s more of your character, and it’s more of what you feel. It’s more of someone else that’s not you. As a producer, you have to be hands-on with everything. You have to know the budget and what’s really happening on the set, and you have to just nitpick everything, so you can make sure that the quality, and you’re not going overbudget sa mga pelikula. It’s two different things, but usually when I co-produce a project, I’m acting in. I don’t really meddle in too much on the producing side because it distracts me from the character, especially if it’s something too demanding physically and mentally. I just like wearing different hats all the time. We discuss difficult things outside and not during the set. So when you’re on the set, you just have to focus on acting.”

“Ngayon Kaya” stars Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez along with Alwyn Uytingco, John James Uy, Donna Cariaga, Haley Dizon, and Rio Locsin. It is directed by Prime Cruz.

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