Nathan Reyes, Aaron Ricafrente, Lem Belaro, and Alden Acosta, Kean Cipriano’s former bandmates in Callalily, have issued a statement relating to the recent tumult concerning the group.

In there, they maintained having “always felt a sense of ownership over the name” despite Kean insisting otherwise.

They reiterated that they will  still pursue creating music but under the name Lily.

The full statement read:

“We regret the statements made by our former band member, Kean Cipriano across several media platforms. After 17 wonderful years of making music, Kean chose to disengage with the band due to, in his own words, “lack of output and the negative atmosphere.” It is unfortunate that he no longer felt happy making music with the rest of us. On this note, we deny his claims regarding the license to use the name “Callalily.” The band members have always felt a sense of ownership over the name because of the fact that each of us represents the band and its music. And with the band running for almost 17 years, the Callalily brand is known today was built not just by one person but by a collection whole. Nevertheless, we respect the decision of Kean to leave and will address his claims in the proper forum.

“Given the circumstances and considering our undying love for making Filipino music, we have decided to pursue our passion under the new name, “Lily.” We, Nathan Reyes, Aaron Ricafrente, Lem Belaro, and Alden Acosta, will continue to produce and perform world-class Pinoy music and fulfill our shared mission of amplifying the same. Lily is currently conducting a nationwide search for its new lead vocalist under Lx2 Entertainment. Likewise, stay tuned for our new single, “Sinayang,” in collaboration with Rachel Gabreza, which will be released on July 7, 2022.”

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