Martin Nievera

Concert King Martin Nievera has finally said yes to the prodding of his Philippines-based fans for him to have an anniversary concert in Manila celebrating 40 years in show business. 

This special 40th Anniversary Concert will be a celebration of the golden era of OPM (Original Pilipino Music), which marks Nievera’s signature music: a pastiche of  contemporary songs, heart-tugging ballads and infectious pop tunes that have defined his career not only as an icon in Philippine entertainment but also as an international artist. 

His manager Joy Alonzo tells Gossip Girl: “It will definitely be on Nov. 19 so block your Saturday night for the biggest concert of 2022.”

Joy tells us that they are still choosing between Solaire or Smart Araneta Coliseum and still deciding whether they will add another night due to popular demand. “You will all be definitely informed about the venue, but Nov. 19 is the save-the-date! 

I was with the singer-songwriter in Cebu for an event last weekend and I must say that by the way he performed for his audience in Cebu, the King has no plans of retiring. Together with Martin in Cebu was his beautiful girlfriend Angie del Rosario.

From left: Martin Nievera, Angie del Rosario, and Giselle Sanchez

To make their Manila Bulletin fans more excited, I decided to ask 14 couple questions where they will just point to each other to reveal the answer. I would like to thank Angie for granting me this interview because she is very shy and refuses to be interviewed by any writer… except for me!! I love you Angie!

1 – Who said I love you first ? – Angie points to herself, Martin points to Angie. 

2 – Who made the first move?  Angie points to Martin. Martin points to himself. 

3 – Who cleans more? Angie points to Martin. Martin nods.

4 – Who initiated the first kiss? Angie points to Martin, then Martin cries aloud, “But who initiated the second kiss?” Then points at Angie, then adds “on the same night!” All of us laughed aloud. 

5 – Who gets mad first? Martin points to himself. “Angie never gets mad.”

6 – Who’s the better cook? Angie points to Martin. Martin adds again: “I wouldn’t even put a finger.”

7- Who snores when sleeping? Angie points to Martin. Martin makes a guilty-as-charged-face and adds, “But in tune!” I went ballistic laughing. 

8 – Who is more obsessive-compulsive in cleanliness? Angie points to Martin, who points five fingers to his face. Another laugh-out-loud moment for all of us. 

9 – Who is more vain? Martin points to Angie, who points to herself. 

10 – Who is the short-tempered one? Martin points to himself and Angie points to Martin. 

11 – Who laughs more? Martin points to himself. Then Angie says, “I do too ‘coz you make me laugh.”

12 – Who jokes more? Angie points to Martin. 

13 – Who likes more coffee? Angie says: “Me.”

14 – Who likes to eat more? Martin asks, then points to Angie. 

The couple is leaving for Los Angeles, California for “M4D, Martin Nievera,” the 40th anniversary concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on Aug. 28. The acclaimed international singer has been an ambassador of Filipino music to a global audience for four decades and counting!

From London to Las Vegas, Vancouver to Honolulu, Martin has been a bridge for Filipinos around the world, connecting them to their homeland through the power and inspiration of his music.

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