New K-pop girl group NewJeans made their debut on July 22 KST under HYBE’s independent label ADOR (All Doors One Room).

NewJeans released their first ever music video ‘Attention” on YouTube.

New K-pop girl group NewJeans (Screenshot from HYBE Labels video on YouTube)

“The music they will show itself is the color this team is pursuing,” said Min Hee-jin, ADOR’s CEO and head producer, who made a name for herself in the K-pop industry for her innovative artist brands.

The sudden release of “Attention” came outside the usual route for K-pop artists by omitting the process of dropping teasers before it was made public.

The group’s essential information like the name, group composition and debut information had been secretly kept.

“Attention” was filmed in Spain and shows the narrative of teenage girls and the bond they formed. The five members of NewJeans are seen roaming the streets of Spain while showcasing their choreography over a big green field.

According to Min Hee-jin, “Pop music is a culture that is very close to our daily life, so it is like the clothes we wear everyday. Just as jeans have withstood the test of time and found popularity among many regardless of their age and gender, NewJeans aspires to become an icon of generations—one you never grow tiresome of putting on.”

NewJeans’ promotion schedule was disclosed, revealing the key dates for their first mini-album, song titles and upcoming music video releases.

Their debut album will include four tracks: “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, “Cookie” and “Hurt” of which three tracks will be the title songs. All songs in the debut album will have accompanying music videos.

The performance version of the “Attention” music video will be released at noon KST on July 22 followed by the music video for the second title song “Hype Boy” on July 23 at midnight KST.

The names of the quintet are set to be revealed through the “Hype Boy” music video.

NewJeans will release their album digitally on Aug. 1, followed by the physical album release on Aug. 8.

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