OUT to prove that the fight for the country’s heart and soul is just beginning, Warner Music Philippines’ most exciting rock duo Dilaw – who recently made waves with their unique brand of characteristically modern Pinoy protest music and socio-political lyricism – is all-set for a second round in the ring with their latest single “ Kaloy .”

Equal parts hypnotic and maddening with its stop-and-go musical march and melodic dynamism, fans of the duo – composed of vocalist and chief lyricist Dilaw Obero and guitarist/instrumentalist Vie Dela Rosa – will surely rejoice with fists in the air as the single boldly incorporates various musical styles in the Filipino music spectrum, and fearlessly delivers yet-another fierce and almost-humorous take on the trials and tribulation of the common Pinoy folk.

And it couldn’t have come in a better time. “’Kaloy’ is a song that talks about people… regular people in our society, and the roles they play and their purpose – no matter how big or small – and how it all affects the bigger picture,” the duo revealed upon the single’s recent release. “We want to send a message to every single citizen of the country to embrace the greater good, stand firm and believe in each other.”

Hailing from Baguio City, Dilaw’s origin story officially began in 2019 as frontman Obero – who began his journey rapping over beats and developing his knack for lyrical poetry – pooled his musical creativity with multi-instrumentalist Dela Rosa, who brought a much-needed dose of rock n’ roll to the proverbial table. The duo recently released their Warner Music debut “3019,” hailed both by fans and pundits as a wonderfully scathing ditty that came at a time when it was most-needed, with the country facing the most intense societal turmoil brought-about by injustice and corruption.

The duo fearlessly forced their way and their sound (and defied the odds of the pandemic…) by releasing
live performances and an official music video that were well-received and lauded by listeners all over the land. And they’re more than ready to do it all over again. Truly, Dilaw is a band with a battle cry: that there is always enough reason to keep fighting the good fight, and that there is a definite beauty in musical revolution; do yourself a favor and take “Kaloy” for a spin and turn it up!

“Kaloy” is now available on all digital music and streaming platforms. For more info on Dilaw, you can follow them via these sites:

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Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/07/14/indie-alternative-rock-duo-dilaw-returns-with-their-sophomore-track-kaloy/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=indie-alternative-rock-duo-dilaw-returns-with-their-sophomore-track-kaloy)