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Jos Garcia, one of the most sought-after Filipina performers in the Kansai Region in Japan, returns to the recording scene with her latest single “Namimiss Ko Na.”

Composed by Amandito Araneta Jr., this timeless and triumphant song is a heartfelt ballad about the feeling of emptiness over losing someone.

“Many people can really relate to this song. With this song, they can sing and cry their hearts out,” says Garcia, whose latest recording has all the makings of a teleserye theme song.

Believe it or not, Araneta is a construction worker who composes songs. Garcia says it was an honor that a newbie wrote her a song in spite of her previous collaboration with award-winning composer Rey Valera who earlier penned “Nagpapanggap.”

Garcia, who is more into pop and jazz, recalls meeting and working with Valera.

“It was sometime in 2018 when I first met the Icon himself, Tito Rey Valera. We became good friends that the legendary singer/composer allowed me to sing several of his compositions for me to use for my intended return to the Philippine music scene. I am truly grateful to Tito Rey for believing in my talent. He allowed me to sing some of his musical compositions that are never been released to the public. He is such a kind-hearted person, to the extent that despite his busy schedule, he makes time to meet me every time I visit the Philippines.”

Garcia added: “He is very humble and down to earth. I can attest that he is one of the easiest persons to approach. He taught me the proper pronunciation of words when singing a song as well as the emotion that voice needs to project so that the listeners can feel the message of the piece.”

Born and raised in Antipolo City, Rizal, Garcia grew up in a family of musicians, as her siblings are also into music. In 2006, she released the album “Versatile” under Ivory Records.

The carrier single of which entitled, “Ikaw Ang Iibigi nKo” is still being requested and played in several radio stations in the Philippines.

“I am currently based in Kyoto City, Japan. I used to perform and conduct my concerts at Selected Repos, one of the known high-end places in the district of Gion. I also perform at the Xavier-Louis Vuitton Bar in Kyoto City. For the past years, I brought my singing talent aboard the Pacific Venus Cruise, wherein I perform on a nightly basis for its main shows.

“Five-star hotels in Osaka and Kyoto are also common places for my performances. A band called My Favorite Swings acquired my services to be its lead vocalist. In fact, I am the only non-Japanese artist in the group. During my free time, I am active in various Filipino communities projects and activities, as well as lending my singing talent to other civic associations for charitable purposes,” she says.

Garcia says she will release more songs soon. “There are still songs that I intend to release. I was able to compose a Japanese song, which I will record the soonest time.”

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