K-pop artist Yerin met her Filipino fans again after nearly three years.

The 25-year-old idol held her “Yerin ‘Aria’ Fansign in Manila” on July 22 at the Gateway Mall’s Cineplex 5.

K-pop artist Yerin at her fan signing event in Manila on July 22 (Jonathan Hicap)
Yerin thanking fans at the fan signing event on July 22 (Jonathan Hicap)
K-pop artist Yerin receiving a can of beer from a fan at her fan signing event in Manila on July 22 (Jonathan Hicap)
Yerin signing an album for a fan (Jonathan Hicap)

Yerin debuted as a member of K-pop group GFriend in 2015. After the group was dissolved in May 2021, Yerin signed up with Sublime Artist Agency in June last year.

Last May, Yerin was launched as a solo artist with the release of her debut album “Aria.”

This was the first time that she held an event in the Philippines as a solo artist.

The last time she was here was in August 2019 when GFriend held a concert in Manila.

The fan signing event gave the chance for Yerin’s fans to be up close, talk to her and give her gifts.

For Yerin, it was an opportunity to reconnect with her fans after nearly three years due to the pandemic and to meet them under her new career status as a solo artist.

“It’s very nice to see you,” she said at the fan signing event.

To enter the event, fans bought Yerin’s album. The top spenders had perks including a selfie with Yerin.

For the fan sign, fans got to meet Yerin and ask her questions. They were also given the chance to give her gifts. Fans also had a solo and group photos with Yerin.

“I am so happy to meet Yerin,” said a fan.

Among the gifts Yerin received were several cans of San Miguel beer and a hat.

“I received a lot of beers today. It is nice to see that beer can after a long time,” she noted.

Yerin was happy to talk to Filipino fans and meeting them again.

A video by fans was also shown during the event, highlighting Yerin’s career with GFriend and as a solo artist.

“It’s been a long time and as of today, our heart still flutters when you say our name Buddy with you exciting voice. Likewise in this precious moment, finally you’re here hearing our voice cheering your name,” the fans’ message read.

They added, “For the 7 years of love, hard work and friendship, thank you for giving us hope, thank you for bringing us the happiness. Thank you for keeping our promise to meet you again.”

“We, Philippine Buddy, will continuously reciprocate boundless of unconditional love to you. Our friendship that grew together and became more bigger,” they added.

Fans flew yellow paper planes containing messages for Yerin.

“I’m very touched by your surprise. I can’t help but tear up. It’s been a while so it’s really nice to see you all again. Thank you very much for your warmth. I will surely come back to repay all your love,” said Yerin.

Yerin said, “I wanna talk to you more. There are so many things to be said but just meeting you all like this. It’s very nice to see you guys like this and be able to talk to you. See you again,” she said.

On her Instagram account, Yerin posted photos of herself at a restaurant at Gateway Mall drawing comments from Pinoy fans.

“Welcome to the Philippines again Yerin,” one netizen commented while another said, “Have a lot of fun our Yerin.”

Other comments were “Welcome back to the Philippines,” “Enjoy your day here in PH,” and “Yerin in Philippines omgggg.”

The “Yerin ‘Aria’ Fansign in Manila” was presented by CDM Entertainment.

K-pop artist Yerin at her fan signing event in Manila on July 22 (Jonathan Hicap)
A fan getting a selfie with Yerin (left) (Jonathan HIcap)
Group photo with Yerin (Jonathan Hicap)
Yerin taking a selfie with a fan (Jonathan Hicap)
Yerin taking a selfie with a fan (Jonathan Hicap)

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