K-pop idol band ENHYPEN achieved another “million seller’ status with their latest album release.

ENHYPEN released the album “Manifesto: Day 1” on July 4 and it sold more than one million in sales.

K-pop group ENHYPEN (Belift Lab)

According to Korea’s Hanteo Chart, “Manifesto: Day 1” sold 1,151,104 copies in three days. The album sold 768,603 copies (first place) on July 4 followed by 362,035 copies (first place) on July 5 and 20,466 copies (third place) on July 6.

The three-day sales of “Manifesto: Day 1” has surpassed the one-week sales of ENHYPEN’s last album “Dimension: Answer,” which had 514,291 or an increase of 636,813 copies or 123.8 percent.

This is the second time that ENHYPEN achieved the “million seller” status after their first studio album “Dimension: Dilemma,” garnering it within two years of their debut.

After its release, “Manifesto: Day 1” topped iTunes’ Top Albums chart in 17 countries and regions.

During ENHYPEN’s media showcase on July 4, Jungwon described “Manifesto: Day 1” as an album “about the story of boys where they question the concept of success. Our bold resolutions to live our lives, our own will without being swayed by the world is expressed in different genres of music.”

About their lead single “Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)”, Jay said it “is also a song that contains the desire to be a hero,” adding that it is their “bold resolution and determination to prove that we deserve to be loved by our skills and capabilities and also use our power not only for ourselves but for others as well.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/07/07/k-pop-group-enhypen-becomes-million-seller-anew-with-manifesto-day-1-album/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=k-pop-group-enhypen-becomes-million-seller-anew-with-manifesto-day-1-album)