From left: Carla Lim, Nicole Laurel Asensio, director Vince Tañada, Vean Olmedo, and Johnrey Rivas (Carissa Alcantara) 


Under the production of Philstager’s films, Katips: The Movie brings out a new flavor to the cinema and theater scene. 

Lawyer Vince M. Tañada, writer and director of the film, shared how thankful and happy he is to finally produce it. “Kaya masaya po tayo dahil, nadala po natin sa pelikula yung nakasanayang kong gawin sa teatro, in short hindi yung pelikula yung nagadjust sa teatro, kumbaga dinala ko yung teatro at in a way na hindi na tayo nahirapan kasi ganun lang din pala yun, but bagong experience din siguro sa akin yun.” 

The movie stars lawyer Vince himself. It also features Jerome Ponce, Mon Confiado, Jonhrey Rivas, Lou Veloso, Carla Lim, Dexter Doria, Joshua Bulot, and Sachzna Laparan. 

Also part of the cast is Nicole Laurel Asensio, granddaughter of Celia Diaz Laurel. During the press conference, Nicole shared her experience of being nominated for best actress 

“Talagang nagulat po ako nung narining ko yung balita, birthday ko po yun nung tumawag sila sa akin, this is my very first film and my very first acting experience in film, so ako yung pinaka-rookie dito, and I’m so grateful to work with direk vince, jonhrey, carl and the entire cast kasi it’s from them talaga kaya natuto ako,” Nicole said. 

Known for her band General Luna back in 2010, Nicole said she is looking forward to expanding her capabilities not just in singing but also in acting. 

Katips follows the story of Greg (Jerome Ponce), a medical student and the leader of the National Union of Students in the Philippines (NUSP), along with other freedom fighting groups, who stood their ground and began a vigil. 

Despite the blood and gore, the burning desire for freedom grew within the hearts of those who were brutally subjugated. 

The film was shot using various styles. Since it’s a musical, this is incomparable to any other historical musicals that have ever been done in the country so far. Using pseudo-realistic techniques and metaphors. 

The movie is an exploration of how vast a filmmaker can make use of music, lights, costumes, visual effects, and symbolism to deliver a story as poignant and as life-changing as reality, experienced first-hand will be for viewers.  

Originally made in 2016 as a stage play, Katips: Mga Bagong Katipunero won the award for ALIW Awards for Best Musical Performance the same year. 

Katips: The Movie will premiere on Aug. 3 nationwide.  Their 17 nominations for the 70th Famas Awards: 

Best Visual Effects

Outpos Visual Frontier – John Joseph Tan 

Best Sound 

Outpos Visual Frontier – Don Don Mendoza 

Best Original Song 

Manhid”  – Pipo Cifra and Vince Tañada  

“Sa Gitna ng Gulo” – Pipo Cifra and Vince Tañada

Best Musical Score 

Pipo Cifra

Best Editing 

Mark Jason Sucgang 

Best Production Design 

Roland Rubenecia 

Best Cinematography 

Manuel Abanto 

Best Screenplay 

 Vince Tañada

Best Supporting Actor 

Mon Confiado 

Johnrey Rivas 

Best Supporting Actress 

Adelle Ibarrientios Lim 

Best Director 

Vince Tañada

Best Actor 

Vince Tañada

Jerome Ponce 

Best Actress 

Nicole Laurel Asensio 

Best Picture 

Katips by Philstagers film 

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